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January 25, 2009

Do all good things come to an end?

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This has been on my mind, for quite sometime

How we are wasting away our life, in the prime

Sheilding away the pain from the past

hoping that, it’s intensity shant last


with a pint of pain, are those awesome memories

those happy days, now just plain stories

but sealing away the pint took away what was good

we thought we did right, but were misunderstood


Why do we keep it all sealed in a mental closet?

Why do we want to let go and forget?

Doesnt survival from those gruelling times imply

that we can’t just outlive , but as well get by?


The harder i shut the door, the stronger the seal

The more the poison of pain, shifted thro’ my veins

the more i felt safe, the more i was vulnerable

the more i ran away, the further sucked into the spiral


Like the thorn and the flower thrive as one

so must pain and  the joys long gone

We must break past the rut of pretend

and stop wondering, whether good things come to an end 🙂


December 28, 2008

The mad dash to the finish line

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These days , and these times , we seldom find
A reason to celebrate, a cause to unwind
One achievement doesnt suffice, we need another
We need to race on the mad dash, to the finish line

Taking the time tested and trialled paths
Always do what is told, and seldom ask
for reason , meaning or anything behind
this worthy cause drilled in our minds

Past graduation we realize
We’ve become the one thing , we despised
Look around, everyone is gone to break the rules
some to another plain, some back to school

Is a postgraduation
the only answer and solution?
With every generation the bar grows higher
subsiding ever more so, the inner fire

I shan’t fret , I shall wait and watch
As the forests of calm and peace get scorched
For the pace the world is moving in, is too unkind
Nothing but a mad race, to the finish line

December 26, 2008

5 days to go . . .

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Dear God,
Let this year end in a quick and painless fashion.
And let the shit be canned. Forever.

On a happier note, hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! 😀

December 12, 2008

Kar Salaam

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Wanted to put something more or less on the lines of the song pasted below.  Looks like we are approaching the end of 2008. This year by far, has been more educative than any other year i profundly remember in my life. For many reason cited and uncited. Heard this song on the way back from one such educative incident. But the words instantly struck a chord with me.

“Kho Jaana, Pa Jaana, Na Paana, Hai Jindagi Jaane Le
Bik Jaana, Loot Jaana, Bass Jaana Hai Jindagi Maan Le
Ho Ho Ho Karle Yakin, Jo Kal Gaya Woh Phir Se Aata Nahin
Ho Ho Ho Gujra Huva Jo Waqt Hai Woh Dastak Lagaata Nahin
Jo Aaj Hai Bass Wahi Hai Tera 
Ha Kya Teri Hasti Hai, Mitti Ki Basti Hai
Pal Mein Hi Ho Jaati Hai Yeh Fanaa
Kar Salaam ”

The above excerpt means –

“To lose , to gain, to not get , this is life.

To get sold, get looted and just going without a thing, this is life, accept.

Believe me, what has gone yesterday, doesnt come back.

The time that has gone past , doesnt leave behind any mark.

What you have today, is only yours

The smile on your face, the mud hut you live in

It all vanishes within a second. “

November 30, 2008

A battle without a cause

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A journey of bloodshed and violence

Something, that never ceases to be past tense

This iniquity and evil, spawning from minds

Sans any sense of thought, good and kind


Has the power at centre gone completely callous

focussed on nothing, but creating chaos, raucous?

How many more to die, how many more to lose

Until they get the backbone to act, and set loose


The act of retribution, against these evil minions

Who, despite education and well bringing, act heinous

How dare you take away something that god has given?

How can you walk on, like nothing ever happened?


Such acts of cheap cowardice , is all you can ever pull off

Can’t you gather spine? And pursue a cause not so well off?

You cease to be human, you are worse than the wildest brute

And god will make sure, your end will be just as crude.


I pray for mankind to be strong, and not to give in

The evil lurks, and somehow finds its way to creep in

It deviods the mind of thought, the heart of soul

And makes us zombies, without any sense of control


In the event of this darkness, the world still turns

The evil ones left uncaptured, and my country burns!

The test of time never ceases to end

The city moves on, without any sense of pretend


Kudos to the city that never says die

The beauty and diversity in it, that lies

Today india stands as one, in prayer and hope

That this mindless war comes to an end


A dawn of prosperity, sans any sense of fright

A new india , without any flaws

The superpower, with all her might

Rid of this battle, one without a cause


This is a tribute to the brave souls who laid down thier lives at gun shot to save the civilians. And for all the bereaved souls from the terror attacks in Mumbai on 26/11. 

Let there be peace on earth.

Like Queene once sang, this could be heaven for everyone, if only we let it.

November 7, 2008

Bittersweet liberation

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Amidst the new dawns across many nations
Here I sit, unperturbed and callous
And I tell to myself, things will get better
For today I did the unheralded

Severing ties may hurt for a blink, a band aid
To shield you from the freeness of the wind
The first cut of the breeze, it singed the wound
But afterward , I saw the freedom , in it’s full moon

It’s a bittersweet liberation, that I feel tonight
It’s just about the only thing, that i did right
and now it’s ghosts will haunt me no more
and i feel no more pain, like i did before

Today I stand clear, steered of all handcuffs
Am brushing past the good times, and the rough
There is a whimsical smile across my face
As the new trials come on up, to embrace

It’s a bittersweet liberation, that I feel tonight

It’s just about the only thing, that i did right

and now it’s ghosts will haunt me no more

and i feel no more pain, like i did before

October 23, 2008

God forsaken

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Withered and haggard, she walked alone

Soles of her feet, torn on stone

Beneath the ruthless skies of her bane

She aimlessly treads on, unknown


At every juncture there was a story to tell

Long long ago, when things went well

With a many a high hopes, she shrugged it all

Moved on , blissfully unaware of the fall


In many a situation , she did not stand a chance

Shock held her captive, dumb as if in a trance

This time around things might change, she thought

Fear , anger and negativity, she bravely fought


Then came the steep end of the cliff, so near

She stared across the blinding light with no fear

A knight stood across with a hand held out

And out she reached , hesitance and glum without


But little did she know that it was a plot

Meant to make her fall, and crash like an earthen pot

She fell into the abyss, how deep she fell

Only the endless time could tell


Now she rises from the deep abyss

With complete distrust, naivete destroyed

She walk on , withered and haggard

Aspirations and hopes, she will avoid.


She wonders what happened in between?

Why were all her joys and dreams taken

The sky roared with thunder, then she realised

That she was god forsaken.

October 19, 2008

The enlightened efflorescence

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Pain is real, pain is good
but ever so often, misunderstood
In the garden of flowers, only are weeds
When all one looks for is a loyal steed

Severing the weed from the root
Save nothing else, but the truth
Why to cling on to poison?
Why go on with loathing, and treason?

We live in a world of hypocrisy
We live and prolong this shamed legacy
There is no room for truth and love
fortitude and frankness, is now heresy

The garden of flowers, is now barren
What is now hell, was once a haven
I’d rather live solo,  in a desert of storms
Then be surrounded by scorpions of various forms

September 30, 2008

Mutant Mutiny

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In the mid of the village stood this banyan tree

So tall so strong, that all could see

The mighty trunk in it’s mid, the branches wide

multitudes of roots, hanging on each side



In it’s height many a few sought refuge

In it’s shade,  many a few rested, 

In it’s few fruits a pintful ate and fed

The rest just clung on ,all without a clue


The roots spread out far and long, like tentacles

A few managed to break free, some held on

Some hoped for a storm , or some miracles

Some stood still, suicidal and forlorn


And then a tornado took the town by surprise

The residents ran for life, fear in each eye

In utter desparation some fought

For some it was freedom well sought


Out of the blue, we heard a slight uproar

Cries of victory , across the sky soar

The prisoners of the vile tree 

Set themselves free


From the safety and nothingness they must exit

Else if they persist, they will perish

Onto a new path so free , they go

A new start , one sure to flourish

September 22, 2008

Doors tightly shut.

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That’s right.

Until I find something positive and funny to write about, this blog will have no new post.

Thanks to the few regulars who kept me going.

[To be back with a real big bang]


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