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December 31, 2008

2008 … some funny pics!

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Talk about economic inequality!!! What about poor people ?!?



    God, please save me from such excellent exhibitions of spelling prowess. If this situation persists, I shall fall into the pit of the INKE’s (I No Know Engleees)




The ‘Dostana’ effect. Guys, get your clothes stitched here !?!?! 😉




<No stones / eggs / tomatoes pls>


December 28, 2008

The mad dash to the finish line

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These days , and these times , we seldom find
A reason to celebrate, a cause to unwind
One achievement doesnt suffice, we need another
We need to race on the mad dash, to the finish line

Taking the time tested and trialled paths
Always do what is told, and seldom ask
for reason , meaning or anything behind
this worthy cause drilled in our minds

Past graduation we realize
We’ve become the one thing , we despised
Look around, everyone is gone to break the rules
some to another plain, some back to school

Is a postgraduation
the only answer and solution?
With every generation the bar grows higher
subsiding ever more so, the inner fire

I shan’t fret , I shall wait and watch
As the forests of calm and peace get scorched
For the pace the world is moving in, is too unkind
Nothing but a mad race, to the finish line

December 26, 2008

whattey fry-day

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Chennai Winter + End of the year + Hot bowl of soupy noodles + Tomato pickle + complete collection of all time favorite cartoons + snuggly warm blanket == Heaven

😀   😀   😀   😀   😀

5 days to go . . .

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Dear God,
Let this year end in a quick and painless fashion.
And let the shit be canned. Forever.

On a happier note, hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! 😀

December 12, 2008

Kar Salaam

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Wanted to put something more or less on the lines of the song pasted below.  Looks like we are approaching the end of 2008. This year by far, has been more educative than any other year i profundly remember in my life. For many reason cited and uncited. Heard this song on the way back from one such educative incident. But the words instantly struck a chord with me.

“Kho Jaana, Pa Jaana, Na Paana, Hai Jindagi Jaane Le
Bik Jaana, Loot Jaana, Bass Jaana Hai Jindagi Maan Le
Ho Ho Ho Karle Yakin, Jo Kal Gaya Woh Phir Se Aata Nahin
Ho Ho Ho Gujra Huva Jo Waqt Hai Woh Dastak Lagaata Nahin
Jo Aaj Hai Bass Wahi Hai Tera 
Ha Kya Teri Hasti Hai, Mitti Ki Basti Hai
Pal Mein Hi Ho Jaati Hai Yeh Fanaa
Kar Salaam ”

The above excerpt means –

“To lose , to gain, to not get , this is life.

To get sold, get looted and just going without a thing, this is life, accept.

Believe me, what has gone yesterday, doesnt come back.

The time that has gone past , doesnt leave behind any mark.

What you have today, is only yours

The smile on your face, the mud hut you live in

It all vanishes within a second. “

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