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July 24, 2008

The Carousel Ride

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I took a ride on this carousel
How giddy I’d get, time could only tell
Saw the others in front and to every side
On each face a smile, a twinkle on each eye

How I got here, is something I dont understand
How did I reach here, in no man’s land?
At the entrance , I was just like the others
Just as naive innocent, and clueless

The warm up to the ride was something rather inviting
With warm shades, pastel, some bright, some blinding
Then the carousel picked up pace, and before I knew
I sat wide awake on the ride, my seat the color blue

I looked around wildly to see, not a single face around
I stand in shock , heartbroken and dumbfound
So the ride was done, I had a ball
And now there’s nothing left, at all . . .


July 1, 2008

The end of july!

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Oh how I await, wait for the end of july
Now dont ask me the reasons why!
Somehow it seems, I’m stuffed to the seams
When all these months whiled away in between

Oh how I long for that day in autumn
Where I can rejoice, in a manner outspoken
When I will take my slice of the cake
and not withstand any more breaks

That day will dawn limitless happy sojourns
Will wash the days and nights spent forlorn
That night’s glory will be forever in my sight
for I will P-A-R-T-Y with all my might!

Would’ve taken a sure step to the road ahead
Not moping and whining around, instead
To a place of happiness, I will be
And this i am sure, is guaranteed!

So dont ask me where I have been all the while
I am stepping away for walking the extra mile
See you all at the end of July
When Teal the blogger, will be just as puerile 😀

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