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October 27, 2008

Happy Diwali

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May the joys and light brighten your lives this festive season.


October 12, 2008

?Marudaani karangalil yaen?

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Last night was the first time I tried putting a complicated design for myself with a mehendi cone. South indians are usually accustomed to the adai-kuppi style of mehendi putting. [adai : A giant filled circle of mehendi in the palm , and the kuppi is the layer covering the first phalange of all the fingers fully with mehendi, giving the nails a orange tint too 😀 ]

Off late I have been hooked to this song called ‘Marudaani vizhiyil yaen?’ from the movie Sakarakatti. Yes another noteworthy creation of the great A.R Rehman. Yesterday morning the song ran in infinite loop for almost 3 hours, after which my parents came and turned off my media player 😛

The moment I spotted a mehendi cone, I searched the web for some designs. Looks like the compulsive , repetitive listening to that song brain washed me into putting this. The results, well, you can see them below.



October 9, 2008

Happy Vijayadashami

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Hoping to vanquish the darkness and chaos deep within.

Wish you all a very happy vijayadashami! May this day dawn the start of all good things in your lives and may all your dreams come true!

~God Bless~

September 14, 2008

When indi rock was born

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As a kid, I remember being glued to MTV in the 90’s as I was just getting acquainted with western music. Back then of course , I had no particular preferance of genres [although much later on I moved from the boy band phase to listening to anything under the sun].

The early 90s saw the rise of indipop. Artistes like Alisha Chinoy, Baba Sehgal, Biddu, Shaan and Saagarika and Sunita Rao carve out something new and different to a generation which was only used to filmy music. Sometime around this timeframe was when I’d heard ‘Trapped’ by Indus Creed for the first time.

Back then I remember not understanding much of the video, but I really did like their sound. They had something unique unlike most indi rock wannabe bands who sound pseudo-white angry rockers filled with angst. It saddens me that Indus Creed faded away into obscurity when bands like Parikrama [which are not quite as good as them , are still in the news] Of course parikrama goes from place to place mostly playing cover versions of time tested rock anthems like ‘Highway to hell’ and ‘Another brick in the wall’, but their own songs have not impressed me to any extent.

Apart from Indus Creed, I feel no other indi rock band has done a good job singing in english. Even the sounds of Junkyard Groove seem ordinary to me. A lot of regional bands have mushroomed since the rock revolution hit India. One of the most popular ones being Avial. Yes I really like thier sound and have made n number of references to them in my previous posts, but they are totally worth it.

Here’s to indus creed.

Hope you guys make a comeback soon.

Indirock needs you!

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