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August 22, 2008

Some really gud ones!

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In Arunachala, we trust

But it rained. One fine morning, at Marina Beach

My all time favorite. My saviour. The one, the only Lord Ganesha.

How did Mylapore get it’s name? Look no further!

Karpagambal on Kamadhenu vahanam.

The holy trinity of the sacred feminine – Durga Lakshmi and Saraswathi, during Navratri last year


August 15, 2008

Of an independant , defiant India

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After centuries of ruthless enslavement
of butchering, division and torment
61 years of freedom , we have seen till now
To you my mother, I bow

The greedy pigs of power, the hogs
Feast on our blood and sweat, as we slog
They wish to ravage the spoils of war
Left behind by the mindless savages, them all

I pray, my mother, for that day to come
When the bane on our nation will come undone
When you will rise again, A phoenix with might
Vanquishing all evil of all kinds, in sight

I hope, with a resolve
That something good will happen soon, our way
and so with all my heart, I wish
Dear Indians, a happy Independance Day!

August 10, 2008

BAU : Boredom, as usual.

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11:00 pm . . . the countdown to my birthday.

My heart lept with an excitement that did not become my age. This was not the puerile euphoria that children feel at the thought of gifts and goodies , and/or wearing colour dress to school. This was that juncture of my life for which I had waited a whole year. One year of waiting for a miracle to happen. A sign of sorts, for what would come, and what would not.

Being one of the few singletons left in my gang at the workplace and also in every other group of friends did not mesh with the image of the mid 20 year old dream. The perfect job, the perfect ride. And of course , the perfect girl. After being chided day in and out for letting the girl of my dreams slip through my fingers, I finally felt the pinch. But it was a tad too late.

With less than an hour to go for that moment where the oh-so coyly hidden truffle cake behind the booze in my freezer will make it’s way all over my 6 foot frame ,most of it goin on my face and hair , I could least bother about everything else in the cosmos.

There lay my cell phone on my bed.

As dead as it had been for a long, long time.


It had been a while since Swetha and I had spoken. And her voice was the only thing I wanted to hear.

To bring me out of my trap of anxiety and uncertainty. To be certain, if what I had ascertained was right, in every sense of the word. And so I waited.

Did I hear something vibrate on a hard surface? Nope, not my cell phone at least!

The doorbell continued with the incessant ringing. My bachelor buds from all round started cornering into the 2 bedroom shamble that was my house. Like wolves rounding in around a potential prey.

All I did though was sit at the foot of my bed, checking my office mails furiously at my laptop, with Blue Oyster Cult playing at max volume in my ears.

Then I felt a distinct grrr-ing and my phone rang to life!

That precious caller tone that I had set!

As I reached for my cell phone, I heard indistinct voices call my name … everything else seemed so infinitesimal at that particular moment!

“Madhav … Madhav ….”


“Madhav, wake up! The Lead and the others are waiting for you at the cafe … hurry you bday cake is waitingggg!”

Some rude nudges at my clumsy lanky frame.

And I wake up.

It is 1 am, I am at work.

Happy birthday to me :-/

August 9, 2008

Someone , a special friend !

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The gurus had told us all to look deep within
For something that we thought had never been
something so discreet , something so well hidden
Something that made me smile, even if a whim!

These past few times have been rather gruelling
Chimeras and Sirens, at once all or none
But amidst that chaos, if you see a kindred soul
The tale of happiness, you’d be retold

This moment I felt a sense of a happiness so profound
That I felt nothing , saw nothing but grins all around
In this life, the lesser you meet some, the more special
The more close they become, climbing your heart’s pedestal

Amidst the conundrum that is life, when we feel
Something that you can vouch for is real,
It would cheer you up, to an extent
That there is someone out there…

Someone , a special friend !

August 4, 2008

The show must go on!

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These few days, the days of the present lately,
I have asked myself a zillion times
What is it that make me brood and fall
What is that factor, that acts so blatantly?

Is it my wrong outlook of life
That makes me focus on nothing, but strife?
Or is it my lack of hidden will
That stops me from being happy, until

Until that moment when I judge my stall
And think to myself, shall I stay or fall?
The net that I thought would last, has not
And life is nothing, but a series of complex knots

Will I have a face to keep, if I fall
Or will I have just that, and lose it all?
Will I just stand here at the cliff and think
And willingly watch my lifeboat sink?

Happiness to me is just a state of exaltation
Like a photon in a excited state
Once this passes, we must all come down
Life was not meant to be served on a silver plate

Sometimes a good struggle is what we face
But that is what makes our success worth a trace
Sometimes people seem to have it all
But we never know, they could’ve fallen from grace

If a change of state brings us back down
Isnt it what , the one that had been around?
Like all rivers flow out to meet the sea
ISnt this the entire truth, one profound

If depression is the sea and that’s where it dwells
When will my life go to meet it, how can I tell?
Should I give in without a fight?
Or be the change , and take to task what is right?

Death is the inevitable, like depression is
But do we all plunge to our deaths, and avoid bliss?
We should not let this negativity prolong
The show must go on!

So although I know where it might all end
I will force cheer and will pretend
For if at this moment, Joys I dont borrow
My eternal existance will dwell in the heart of sorrow

So I take a pledge to myself, at this very second
That I Will take life head on, and live it head on
Who cares if the net might give way?
I’ll still be known as the girl who jumped, anyway

August 1, 2008

Drift away, my little paper boat

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This is the story of a little paper boat
With nothing on it, but heavy hopes afloat
Made with multiple flaws, folded paper
With an uncertainty of may be, later . . .

May be someday this float will drift away
Will cross the horizon, fructifying the dreams astray
May be someday, this one will shine across the sea
Achieving a sense of timelessness, an eternity

Maybe this one might get sunken by rain
or maybe picked and flushed down the drain?’
May be someone might pick it up and fix
the flaws present, sans malice  and tricks

But as we watched the little boat sail
along an end that was a one way trail
we knew it’d hit the wall soon
and probably hit rock bottom before noon

Little did we know that the drain lead the way
to a new dawn, where hopes did not go astray
a route to a new start nonethless
one to reach a destination , one flawless

The folds on the paper were all the more shown
The burden on the little one, to many unknown
So drift away my little paper boat
Save the faith, keep my hopes afloat . . .

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