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January 7, 2007

Media = Mass cover up?

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Mass Media has transcended all borders and the various modes of communication has seeped through all kinds of barriers.
People often underestimate and underplay the role of media in the real world. And those involved in media, looks like,
have forgotten their responsibility to the society. [And by media people, I donot mean people who write gossip columns,
and page3 content, but serious stuff and hard-cored journalism]

They have a real duty to provide the correct picture to the average layman. We donot find time to travel across the globe
and investigate, so we turn to people who do it for a profession, assuming and hoping that they would etch the correct
picture to us. But unforunately, it looks like some channel or newspaper is all for a certain political party or an
organisation. Some take the pains to mask it, some dont.

Sometime back, an incident had taken place at an area reputed for vandalism, and a certain community of people were pulled
out of their houses and beaten up. People of the same community were attacked in 2-3 other cities in the same state on the
very same day as well. One channel made a slight mention of it, while another channel covered it up all together,
as if it never happened. Each of these channels that I have mentioned are each backed by some influence or the other
and it is more than obvious that both were opposing groups.

This is something that didnot surprise me at all. I am just wondering how the media has become so reckless and indifferent
to their work. I hope with the dawn of the new year, the media people concentrate on more pivotal issues rather than stupid page3
parties and celebrity gossip.
Sometime around this time, when Manjunath was killed, a bollywood icon [a really old one at that] has also
been admitted in hospital owing to an illness. But the latter got more coverage on prime-time news bulletins.

Does that mean tinsel-town heroes from reel life are more important than people who try to defy the odds in real life?

What irks me all the more is that, when a channel had brought in an award to chose the best person from india, same time
around last year, someone totally undeserving won it. The results for the same poll for 2006 are yet to be furnished, and
I am not hoping on anyone worthwhile winning it. So are these polls and these news and information all truthful?
So when we turn to the television or the newspapers to get insights on what’s going on.. for all you know,
some facts may be covered, misintrepreted. So is our trust in the media being betrayed?

Are they painting the correct picture in front of our eyes?

And why was the media sleeping throughout the horror that happened at Noida?

Like Joh Mayer sings in the track ‘Waiting on the world to change’,

“When you trust your television
What you get is what you got
Cuz when when they own the information ooohhh,
They can bend it all they want “

So are we getting our information straight, uncut and clean?
Or are we getting the garbled version after mass editing owing to influence and politics?
Think about it.


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