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May 18, 2008

The day redolence died

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It was at this very moment, this fraction
My mind became devoid of all distraction
Looking right through the shallow specimens
Of people , kith kin and friends

I have donned no cape, fought no crime,
Yet I suffer and do my time
I give and give and give in vain
For spending all the time on you, was just insane

Know at this moment, note this well
When in future you cry, time will only tell
Look across that junction, search for me
But that is not the place I will be

When you place you feet on terra firma
When you realise what all I have done
When you come to me, knowing you are the one who erred
When you want me back in your life, now filled with no fun

I will be in a much better place, much happier
With people who care and who actually matter
When you seek me with tears, at the junction
My train would’ve already left the station.

The fun times, the long talks the joys shared
Have long gone from my mind, and blurred
For you seem to have no time for me, my dear
And when you will, I wont be near.


May 11, 2008

HAPPY Mothers day!

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It was this day , that was decided upon
to celebrate the presence of angel, an saviour
When life is confusing and forlorn
To hug us, reassure us , forever more

To have someone to believe in me , always
To love ever so unselfishly
To become my best friend, for life
and to never part with me, part ways!

Love you mom!

PS: This mother’s day also coincided with my mom’s birthday! How cool is that 😀

May 1, 2008

Some people I love to HATE

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My big fat mouth, and this case, my stupid fingers have earned me another tag post from Macadamia!

So here I go, this one is about 5 kinds of people whom I hate.

#1 Hypocrites:

I LOATHE them. If you dont like someone you can just give them the silent treatment or smile occasionally. [if in cases like the workplace where you have no choice.] You dont have to go on a raging rampage to kill the other person either. But WHY oh WHY do people act like you are their best friend?

“Ohh , you look amazinggggg in this salwar dear, the color totally becomes you! ”

Evil mind translation: You look fatter than usual , you fat cow. Fuschia eh? I am semi blind now!

“I hope you will find great success and accomplish great new peaks in your team.”

Evil mind translation: Now that Murphy feels I have screwed your career enough, you, my dear toy are going to another. I hope he screws it more, much much more.

#2 Narcissists & Chauvinists:

Men are good , infact few men are good. Women are best [Yes, this is my blog, so I can say whatever I want.] But just because we are missing out on the bonding at the smoking areas and other such ‘alpha male’ locales, we are being horribly understimated. We can be clean and STILL be the best at what we do.

I hate guys who stamp female workers as inferior, even after making us work all possible timings and extracting maximum work. Because they are paranoid to not make female ‘work buddies’.

Misogynists may also consider themselves included in this category

#3 Lecherous creeps:

These are the kind of lifeless jackasses, who make no pretension of looking elsewhere. They shamelessly look at you from head to toe, check you out every time they pass you by, and when u throw them a disgusted (and or) furious look , they give a seedy smile that reads in big bold letters , that too in neon color “Haai, I wants to fiandsip with youu , you loooks very pretty yaa!”

The fuckers who molest women in public transport and crowded areas can also considered themselves included here. And also pedophiles.

#4 Gossipers:

Some people who are plain jealous of another person’s success, or who cant stand to see some people happy, resort to pathetic ways of ruining people’s repute. These are the ones who propagate rumors of potential couples within the same team, and underperformance, and make it a point that it reaches your supervisor’s ears!

#5 Disrespectful people:

we live in a mutual understanding of respect. In order to expect respect, we must respect another just the same. But unfortunately not everyone is as mature as i am 😛

Mia, now will be laughing her Dr.Evil laugh, yes amiga, me done with that tag of yours 🙂

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