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January 25, 2009

Do all good things come to an end?

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This has been on my mind, for quite sometime

How we are wasting away our life, in the prime

Sheilding away the pain from the past

hoping that, it’s intensity shant last


with a pint of pain, are those awesome memories

those happy days, now just plain stories

but sealing away the pint took away what was good

we thought we did right, but were misunderstood


Why do we keep it all sealed in a mental closet?

Why do we want to let go and forget?

Doesnt survival from those gruelling times imply

that we can’t just outlive , but as well get by?


The harder i shut the door, the stronger the seal

The more the poison of pain, shifted thro’ my veins

the more i felt safe, the more i was vulnerable

the more i ran away, the further sucked into the spiral


Like the thorn and the flower thrive as one

so must pain and  the joys long gone

We must break past the rut of pretend

and stop wondering, whether good things come to an end 🙂


January 1, 2009

Bienvenido 2009!

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It is the time for a new beginning.  Wishing you all a wonderful new year, and I pray that this year meets the fructification of your hearts inner most dreams and desires. And as time moves on, there is something that never changes. That is change!

  1. Ok enough of the mokkai 😀
  2. This year has gotten off to a good start.
  3. I am now a proud owner of an 80 gig i-pod 😀 😀 😀
  4. Tealspace hits the 20k hit mark.
  5. I am moving back to blogger!
  6. I got an i-pod as a gift from my super sis!
  7. I will not delete this blog, as wordpress folks are very over protective of letting the posts written here getting exported onto other blogging platforms 😐 (Jeez-us)
  8. I will also be blogging at http://spero-ergo-sum.blogspot.com/
  9. I miss template tweaking , hence the move.
  10. Hmm, did I mention the i-pod here?
  11. Have somethings planned in mind for the months ahead, lets take it one @ a time!
  12. Have framed some mid year objectives for 2009.
  13. Objectives != Resolutions
  14. God bless!
  15. Have a rocking year ahead!
  16. Bienvenido 2009 😎
  17. Before I digress, here is a picture of my 80 gig baby!



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