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November 7, 2008

Tealspace turned 3 :D

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It was at 9:30pm tonight , I felt such glee
My beloved blog today, turned three
But ’twas not until frost reminded me
And for that, I feel a little silly

For 3 years , through thick and thin
This page has brought out joy and sadness, within
The rains outside, and the blessed rain
got me started on this fascinating terrain

My boredom had found it’s respite
My fingers found a permanent domicile
My mind and soul opened up to junta here
and the formula was once, quite right

3 years have passed, the journey continues
the blogger turns to the blog to beat the blues
Am as proud and happy, as a mother would be
For today , my baby turns three 😀


October 31, 2008

When 2 hearts held hands :-)

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Today is not just any other day, it’s special
The day that marked the beginning of a bond eternal
A friend held hands with the man of her dreams
And forever, a lifetime of happiness begins

For my dear friend B and B , who tied the nuptial knot today morning and began
a new journey together. 😀

October 12, 2008

?Marudaani karangalil yaen?

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Last night was the first time I tried putting a complicated design for myself with a mehendi cone. South indians are usually accustomed to the adai-kuppi style of mehendi putting. [adai : A giant filled circle of mehendi in the palm , and the kuppi is the layer covering the first phalange of all the fingers fully with mehendi, giving the nails a orange tint too 😀 ]

Off late I have been hooked to this song called ‘Marudaani vizhiyil yaen?’ from the movie Sakarakatti. Yes another noteworthy creation of the great A.R Rehman. Yesterday morning the song ran in infinite loop for almost 3 hours, after which my parents came and turned off my media player 😛

The moment I spotted a mehendi cone, I searched the web for some designs. Looks like the compulsive , repetitive listening to that song brain washed me into putting this. The results, well, you can see them below.



September 3, 2008

Happy Bday to you!

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Love him loads! 😀

August 9, 2008

Someone , a special friend !

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The gurus had told us all to look deep within
For something that we thought had never been
something so discreet , something so well hidden
Something that made me smile, even if a whim!

These past few times have been rather gruelling
Chimeras and Sirens, at once all or none
But amidst that chaos, if you see a kindred soul
The tale of happiness, you’d be retold

This moment I felt a sense of a happiness so profound
That I felt nothing , saw nothing but grins all around
In this life, the lesser you meet some, the more special
The more close they become, climbing your heart’s pedestal

Amidst the conundrum that is life, when we feel
Something that you can vouch for is real,
It would cheer you up, to an extent
That there is someone out there…

Someone , a special friend !

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