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December 31, 2007

Feliz anos 2008!

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May this year bring out grins and cheers

May you stay away from obstacles, steer clear

May this year fulfill your dreams and desires

May this year take you higher and higher!

Have a blessed and rocking 2008! 😎

Godspeed 😀


December 24, 2007

The countdown to the end of 07

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I would not say 2007 has gone past me like a flash of lightning. On the other hand, I  would say it has dragged on worse than a cart pulled by overweight tortoises. This year has not particularly been peaches n creams, nor a bed of thorns …..

Will blog the highlights of this year though. Went on girivalam last week [14km walk barefoot in thiruvannamalai] .. will blog about that.

Sadly, this is a filler post:-(

December 21, 2007

The journey

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I go where I must’ve gone a long time ago.

I leave the world of normalcy for a couple of days …. will be right back and blog about this experience, I am sure the seeds of this one would be lasting an eternity.

Arunachala! Be my guiding light 🙂

December 18, 2007

The rise of the rage

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Look beyond the well, you frog
There are the skies, the fog
Look beyond the well you toad,
for only tadpoles you can scold

Why go on? Why should I?
Fight against the glee that died
Why persist? Why kill the gloom
When you can mope like a loon

Will a single word to this, a goodbye
Stall the tears, lest I cry?
Will the encumbering desire of sleep
Console and comfort this naive sheep?

Looking across to the other side, I see
Green pastures and vines of peas
Looking hither, I can clearly observe
The head of the herd, desiring me to subserve

Why go on, watch the rebellion in wave
changing to people, from being a slave
Why persist , because unless u wont
only happiness and joy, you’ll desist

Why consume the crap being fed
when you can throw it back to them, instead?
Why tolerate the bullying
when you can send them hiding, and screaming?

I am no more in meekness, I am in the rising
I am a wolf in a sheep’s clothing
Come what may, to hell with what the say
This wolf will have things going it’s way

One full moon will come, the stars will shine
The light will fall on me, the one divine
When I duly join my pack, my space
And leave the shitmongers in disgrace

And where tears once flowed, silent rage will
The whole world will come to a standstill
For nothing more they deserve more duly
Then the brunt of my cold fury

December 11, 2007

What IF? [written on 1st Oct, 2005]

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what happens when darkness falls?
when evil lurks, standing tall
When you try things in your own way
But it doesnt matter anyway


What happens when empires fall
When once you knew you had it all
But you blamed everything on your fate
fret and fume till it’s too late!


what happens when u drown in despair
lose out on something really rare
drenched in frustration surrounded by gloom,
and inching in to seal your doom


What happens when you’re stuck in a maze
a pathful of thorns & bristles, fires ablaze
you try to run and hide, scream and shout
but alas ! there’s no way out


what happens when you know it’s all gone
you hear it scream from far away
when you ram your head over a lost chance
because you failed to seize the day …


when you are all alone in the black night
when everything’s wrong and nothin’s right
kith and kin, near and dear out of sight
friends and foes alike amuse at your plight


what if all that you had was never really yours
what if someone has already sealed your fate?
will you carry on with your tears and fears
Until it’s too late???

I wrote this in 3rd year of college, and had mailed it to a friend asking for his opinion. Totally forgot about it until now, when i was checking out some ancient mails 🙂

Goes to show one thing though, I started writing depressing poetry even before I started blogging 😀 “officially”


December 9, 2007

When inertia gives up on being inert

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Ever had a phase in your life, where you are stuck in a whirlpool of monotony? Where you feel you are imprisoned in a hell for all of eternity and there seems to be no way out?

When you feel like you might burst a vein or two looking at certain faces whose vibes are anything but positive? When you feel lke you are tolerating way too much crap than you should be, but there comes a moment of revelation, when the shit hits the fan.

When you decide you live your life to your terms, and not to the terms of people in them

When you decide you work as good as you can, and to hell with people who think otherwise.

When you stop being just a sitting rock.

When you decide however the hell your past has gone by, you dont give a fkin shit about that and put your foot down to say “Hey, I am going to be happy and to hell with people who scheme to make me feel otherwise!”

When you chance upon that mind boggling second, when the stone stops gathering the grime and the moss of the universe and makes it’s first step out.

When the stone gathers momentum and morphs into a juggernaut, mercilessly unleashing annihilation upon any obstacle that it chooses to meet out with.

When inertia gives way to action, and mass and acceleration actually come in use!

When the law of inertia gives way to the law of reciprocal actions.

When karma starts to make a complete circle and the crap that one had gone through , goes back multi fold to the crapsters who put it into the system in the first place.

When you are excited , yet nervous about taking a decision, taking a stand and yet do it with perfect glee 😀

PS: Apologies to those who cant make sense out of this. And those who are perceptive enough to take hints from the post may have been warned, that too with a hella lot of caution. 😎

December 4, 2007

An ode to a “Friend”

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People are never what they seem
some might be like visions from a dream
Some may pretend to care and be fair
some may be truthful to challenge and dare

some might be funny, some sportive
some do everything with an ulterior motive
shoud there come a time when i reach out you
with an arm stretched across, wide open

would come to my aid, would you care
would you not just promise, but actually be there?
would do you do a random act of kindness
or look to achieve your aim in total blindness

all that you see , and all the flowers you’ve trampled
all the pages of friendship that you’ve crumpled
Put up a great act of perfection,a charade
But watch out, I see through your masquerade

I see through your hidden slithery tricky acts, I barge
I can elaborately scatter your camouflage
When the big bad world breaks my heart, my soul
And I am nowhere near my preset life’s goal

This is a time when i reach out you
with an arm stretched across, wide open
would come to my aid, would you care
would you not just promise, but actually be there?

In your special way, you’ve elaborated the wear
the crack in your soul, the albatross you bear
I am least surprised when you surface the real you
This is definitely not something out of the blue

You are you, and I am me, now clearly I see
somethings are never meant to survive, to be
I reached out to a friend, with memories of mead
only to find a fiend in there, instead.

December 3, 2007

Bad hair days and a baby’s smile

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Today is just yet another crappy monday, I thought. My start wasn’t that good. Woke up real late with a nightmare involving people who would’nt even cross my mind if the apocalypse was around the corner. Funny , this dream mechanism. It brings to the forefront of focus people who dont mean a thing to you at all!

And given Chennai’s humid weather, my hair once looked like that of an anime character. One must understand that people from yesteryears look at me and immediately understand that I like rock music .. beat that !!! 😐

My new hairstyle is pretty convinient for head bangin, pity their ain’t no decent rock bands coming around. Heard maiden was hitting mumbai in Feb though me no maiden maniac. [Except for those days when you are so damn pissed with the world! But I also listen to “Break stuff” by Limp Bizkit, which basically includes every expurgated word involved and brings the whole “why blaaad … same blaaad thing” perspective]

After tryin in vain to tame my mane [yeah I know I got a knack for poetry 😛 ] I rushed out to the bus stop , missing a bus. Dammmit, I thought. Then I got another bus where there was this extremely cuuuuuuuuuute baby with her mom and grandma sitting right behind me. I kept playing with the kid gleefully till my bus stop.  Then as I headed to my terminus, all the share autos were already taken, infact overflowing with people [@$%^(^&$%@]

Then came a completely vacant auto which took very less people and dropped me real soon. Pretty good eh? I infact even had a pretty good day at work. All that I had set out to achieve had been accomplished. Got a very clever excel tip and put that to use, which saved me a lot of time. While heading back home, yakked a lot with my buddy and for once, he actually cracked a joke! 😀 And at that moment , I just realised how long it had been since I actually laughed out loud. [See I am not the kind who types “lol” or “lmao” in chat and looks like -> 😐 ]

On the way back home,I missed yet another bus by seconds. This time I thought to myself , there must be plenty of buses around. I got one bus around 10 minutes later, and guess what, I reached hom 3 mins earlier than the bus I had missed! That again put a grin on my face 😀

Needless to say, this bad hair day blossomed into a beautiful start for the week ahead, thanks to the baby’s smile 🙂

December 1, 2007

How are we blogging today?

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It has been a little more than 2 years since I started blogging. At first it a weekly posting routine. There was a time when I was addicted to my own blog and couldnt take my eyes off it. I was proud and very elated at the thought that I had a page of my own where I determine everything from the color of the templates I choose, to the links that go out from here, from the content that goes in here to the display formatting of the same. I am god in this place, and the blog just blindly hears me out. Like a friend in the truest sense, being a good listener, archiving everything you put across and expecting absolutely nothing in return.

I think the only post that I had put about a burning social issue, was “The Fairer Sex” in the March of 2006. It evoked a lot of huge responses, by huge, I meant incredibly strong. One of my blog buds had said within minutes of putting up the post that the content was way too strong and that maybe I was exaggerating things. And I have never been able to sugarcoat brutality or basically, sugar coat anything.

Ron, wrote a new entry here spawned from the thought of the fairer sex post. It was one scary post. But something very true and something that every girl endures in her lifetime.  The guy who felt my post was “too strong”, was numb for hours after reading this post and had a changed perception. There was yet another guy , who wanted to cling on to being an ostrich with his head way underground, refusing to believe that these things never happened and that wat I was talking seemed rather irrelevant. But after reading Ron’s post, he had a changed perception too. You can read his post here.

So what am I coming to say here?


The funda is this, my purpose of blogging doesnt intend to snub anyone or coerce them into changing their perspectives. But I believe that we should take our blogging to another level and make it more socially relevant and proactive.  There is this guy I know who had put up a post, which had put up only the so called pitfalls of women in that issue, and turned a blind eye to the other side when men are just flawed. I told him to change his article to furnish the complete picture. And I told him that if he didn’t, I’d term that blog to be one with pathetic chauvinist content. After getting more than a earful from me, he [like most men always do] didn’t change a thing in that page.

Blogging is banned in many countries, people have been arrested for blogging, people have gotten into trouble for dragging names of big shots in their posts. I am not saying take sides and write something political, but you can always have your say on something and put it in a level headed way.

But then what is the whole point in blogging, when we cant be the maaliks of our own marzi, you might ask. Let me tell you this. In the name of small talk or random conversation, we can talk anything under the sun, and get away with it. But by putting something down in verbatim, you sanctify some racy thought in your head and give it a life.

And before you know it, it is alive. A post in a blog. Dont ever undermine it, for the blogger revolution is hitting cyberspace with multiple aftershocks, the impact of which, we might be able to assess, to an extent but not entirely.

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