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November 19, 2006

my all time favorite video!!!

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November 12, 2006

Que sera sera

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“The heart is deceitful above all things,
And desperately wicked:
Who can know it?”

No matter what we want, or what we actually get, we are never really happy. The grass is always greener on the other side. No matter what evil deeds we have done in the past, we cant go back and undo them, no matter how hard we try. No matter how much we hit ourselves in the head for oppurtunities long lost, words not said, parties not thrown, gifts not given, we cannot and will not be able to go back in time to do all of those.

Life is a very fleeting thing. One day you are here. Next day, you are gone.
No matter what all we achieve, and what all we strive to do, that small tinge and pangs of regret resurface. Emotions flow like an ocean and erupt in lava-like fashion. Some unpredictable day when you are just sitting in front of your computer, checking your mails, offliners and scraps. People keep in touch except for all of those that matter.

Time keeps changing, so do people. I wished the latter didnt.
Only memories stay true.
Memories of long lost days of innocence, genuine fun and cluelessness.
As I recently got appended to the rat race of the world, I realised how much it sucks.
Why doesnt the heart refuse to let go?
Why do we remember and yearn for things long lost?
For apologies not conveyed?
For phone calls not made? for not meeting people?

And why is everything about friendship and love so horribly overrated? If it wasnot for the crap flicks on the big screen and archies at their captitalist worst, we would’ve been much better off.
And why do we always place some people above all the rest, and yet they donot even acknowledge our existence ? Atleast the fact that we walk, talk , breathe and exist in this crappy world.

And why do poets and writers always use bloody metaphors and similies and beat around the bush?
We need not turn to works of litreature to get gyaan.
We need not use expressions n idioms to say idiotic things.
Speak your mind. Be frank.

Life is short. You could be gone in the blink of an eye,
It is the truth , that you cant deny
And yet you hold back, as time passes by
And yearn for it all when you say goodbye.


Let Go.

“Should’ve smiled in that picture
if it’s the last that i’ll see of you
it’s the least that you could not do”

PS: I seriously dont know what had gotten over me when I typed the above post!
I blame the rains outside that had gotten me soul searching, not to mention my ever faithful cuppa and John Mayer’s vocals 😛

November 8, 2006

Happy Birthday T.E.A.L.S.P.A.C.E

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I cant believe the fact that it has been one whole year since the creation of T.E.A.L.S.P.A.C.E. This time last year if people told me that I would have become a decent blogger putting up posts attempting at humor and also manic-depressing poems, I would’ve laughed out loud on their face.

Actually TEALSPACE turns a year old only tomorrow, but I am really excited about putting up this post .. so here I am … at it again…
There was a time , infact this time last year, that the torrential rains in Tamil Nadu held me captive within the four walls of my house. My Blog became my one true solace in cyberspace for all my ranting , raving and of course, whining 😉

As I wrote [or should I say, typed] and kept on writing, I realised that I could do some averagely decent posts and make people laugh 🙂

A lot has changed in the last year. The puerile me is finally starting to grow up. And I ask myself the classic question every single day, all throughout my childhood, I could hardly wait to grow up and now look at me .. I am all of 21 years old , working and yet, I want to return to the shelter of childhood. A lot of lessons learnt, some easily, some the hard ways.
Quite a lot of hardships faced, which has toughened me for the long ride of life.
A lot of friends thorough the blogger realm and other e-community based forums. Yes, I have decided not to shamelessly endorse any site or any brand for that matter.

When me and my best buddy, Hell’s Angel created our own blogs on the same day, last year, we never knew how and where this would take us. Now we looked back upon all these posts and comments and regular visitors and take pride in the mature bloggers that we have become.

My sister Rainbow and my blogger mentor, has the most powerful weapon of wit and sarcasm
Hell’s Angel has an excellent vocabulary which is very evident from her short and spicy posts.
Vivek’s blog is something very eclectic. Every post different in it’s own way.
Srinivasan is one heckuva of a funny kid.
Komal’s blog is more of a personal kind, where he puts forth all his feelings and opens up.

I could go on about all my blog buddies and my previous posts, but I assume that the one reading this post must have gone through both.

A year older, but a lot wiser?

Hope So.

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