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January 1, 2009

Bienvenido 2009!

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It is the time for a new beginning.  Wishing you all a wonderful new year, and I pray that this year meets the fructification of your hearts inner most dreams and desires. And as time moves on, there is something that never changes. That is change!

  1. Ok enough of the mokkai 😀
  2. This year has gotten off to a good start.
  3. I am now a proud owner of an 80 gig i-pod 😀 😀 😀
  4. Tealspace hits the 20k hit mark.
  5. I am moving back to blogger!
  6. I got an i-pod as a gift from my super sis!
  7. I will not delete this blog, as wordpress folks are very over protective of letting the posts written here getting exported onto other blogging platforms 😐 (Jeez-us)
  8. I will also be blogging at http://spero-ergo-sum.blogspot.com/
  9. I miss template tweaking , hence the move.
  10. Hmm, did I mention the i-pod here?
  11. Have somethings planned in mind for the months ahead, lets take it one @ a time!
  12. Have framed some mid year objectives for 2009.
  13. Objectives != Resolutions
  14. God bless!
  15. Have a rocking year ahead!
  16. Bienvenido 2009 😎
  17. Before I digress, here is a picture of my 80 gig baby!




    December 26, 2008

    whattey fry-day

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    Chennai Winter + End of the year + Hot bowl of soupy noodles + Tomato pickle + complete collection of all time favorite cartoons + snuggly warm blanket == Heaven

    😀   😀   😀   😀   😀

    November 7, 2008

    Tealspace turned 3 :D

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    It was at 9:30pm tonight , I felt such glee
    My beloved blog today, turned three
    But ’twas not until frost reminded me
    And for that, I feel a little silly

    For 3 years , through thick and thin
    This page has brought out joy and sadness, within
    The rains outside, and the blessed rain
    got me started on this fascinating terrain

    My boredom had found it’s respite
    My fingers found a permanent domicile
    My mind and soul opened up to junta here
    and the formula was once, quite right

    3 years have passed, the journey continues
    the blogger turns to the blog to beat the blues
    Am as proud and happy, as a mother would be
    For today , my baby turns three 😀

    October 31, 2008

    When 2 hearts held hands :-)

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    Today is not just any other day, it’s special
    The day that marked the beginning of a bond eternal
    A friend held hands with the man of her dreams
    And forever, a lifetime of happiness begins

    For my dear friend B and B , who tied the nuptial knot today morning and began
    a new journey together. 😀

    October 27, 2008

    Happy Diwali

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    May the joys and light brighten your lives this festive season.

    October 12, 2008

    ?Marudaani karangalil yaen?

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    Last night was the first time I tried putting a complicated design for myself with a mehendi cone. South indians are usually accustomed to the adai-kuppi style of mehendi putting. [adai : A giant filled circle of mehendi in the palm , and the kuppi is the layer covering the first phalange of all the fingers fully with mehendi, giving the nails a orange tint too 😀 ]

    Off late I have been hooked to this song called ‘Marudaani vizhiyil yaen?’ from the movie Sakarakatti. Yes another noteworthy creation of the great A.R Rehman. Yesterday morning the song ran in infinite loop for almost 3 hours, after which my parents came and turned off my media player 😛

    The moment I spotted a mehendi cone, I searched the web for some designs. Looks like the compulsive , repetitive listening to that song brain washed me into putting this. The results, well, you can see them below.



    October 9, 2008

    Happy Vijayadashami

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    Hoping to vanquish the darkness and chaos deep within.

    Wish you all a very happy vijayadashami! May this day dawn the start of all good things in your lives and may all your dreams come true!

    ~God Bless~

    October 4, 2008

    Rock on, rocks on!

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    Rock On!

    Rock On!

    So you’d thought the guy with the classic Midas touch who had faltered with ‘DON’ would not make a comeback? So you’d thought the director with a genius lyricist’s blood running in his veins , can’t sing or act? Wrong and well, wrong again.

    Starting from the slick trailors being shown on television to the promos put in theatres, ‘ROCK ON!!’ had kindled my curiousity enough to make me want to actually walk into a theatre and want to watch this movie.

    The previous bollywood fest I had seen was ‘Jaane tu ya jaane na’ which was, well , let’s not get there! 😀

    So I got to hear the songs of the movie much before I actually saw it. There was an instant liking to ‘Pichle saat dinon’ , soon enough I was addicted to this one and sang along everytime it was played.Oh, I forgot to mention Farhan’s singing skills. He sounds like Lucky Ali meeting rock music. Which is totally rad!The other song to which i had a instant attraction was ‘Rock ON!’ and ‘Sindbad the sailor’. Although sometimes it feels like the lyrics of ‘Pichle saat dinon mein’ doesnt make much sense, ‘Sindbad’ is full of inspiring lyrics and quite hummable too. It has been a while since I felt good after watching a hindi movie. Rock On brought that crazy grin on my face after a long long time!

    Purab donnes the clown cap in the movie , and yes Arjun Rampal can also act! Shocking but true 😛

    The angle of ‘the rift between 2 members of a thick gang of friends re-uniting’ might make one reminiscent of Dil Chahta Hai. But everyone has done a great job in acting in this movie. Heck , even Farhan has. This has proved that he is quite a versatile guy.

    Of the recent bunch of movies I have seen, ‘Rock on’ clearly stands out.

    PS: This is post #150! 😀

    August 15, 2008

    Of an independant , defiant India

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    After centuries of ruthless enslavement
    of butchering, division and torment
    61 years of freedom , we have seen till now
    To you my mother, I bow

    The greedy pigs of power, the hogs
    Feast on our blood and sweat, as we slog
    They wish to ravage the spoils of war
    Left behind by the mindless savages, them all

    I pray, my mother, for that day to come
    When the bane on our nation will come undone
    When you will rise again, A phoenix with might
    Vanquishing all evil of all kinds, in sight

    I hope, with a resolve
    That something good will happen soon, our way
    and so with all my heart, I wish
    Dear Indians, a happy Independance Day!

    August 4, 2008

    The show must go on!

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    These few days, the days of the present lately,
    I have asked myself a zillion times
    What is it that make me brood and fall
    What is that factor, that acts so blatantly?

    Is it my wrong outlook of life
    That makes me focus on nothing, but strife?
    Or is it my lack of hidden will
    That stops me from being happy, until

    Until that moment when I judge my stall
    And think to myself, shall I stay or fall?
    The net that I thought would last, has not
    And life is nothing, but a series of complex knots

    Will I have a face to keep, if I fall
    Or will I have just that, and lose it all?
    Will I just stand here at the cliff and think
    And willingly watch my lifeboat sink?

    Happiness to me is just a state of exaltation
    Like a photon in a excited state
    Once this passes, we must all come down
    Life was not meant to be served on a silver plate

    Sometimes a good struggle is what we face
    But that is what makes our success worth a trace
    Sometimes people seem to have it all
    But we never know, they could’ve fallen from grace

    If a change of state brings us back down
    Isnt it what , the one that had been around?
    Like all rivers flow out to meet the sea
    ISnt this the entire truth, one profound

    If depression is the sea and that’s where it dwells
    When will my life go to meet it, how can I tell?
    Should I give in without a fight?
    Or be the change , and take to task what is right?

    Death is the inevitable, like depression is
    But do we all plunge to our deaths, and avoid bliss?
    We should not let this negativity prolong
    The show must go on!

    So although I know where it might all end
    I will force cheer and will pretend
    For if at this moment, Joys I dont borrow
    My eternal existance will dwell in the heart of sorrow

    So I take a pledge to myself, at this very second
    That I Will take life head on, and live it head on
    Who cares if the net might give way?
    I’ll still be known as the girl who jumped, anyway

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