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July 14, 2007

For Hazel

Filed under: Life,Poetry,Sobriety — Teal @ 1:28 pm

She had packed her bags and belongings
All to be done completed, flawlessly wry
Though there one word left unsaid
the word called “goodbye”

Leaving behind a world of twenty odd years
Bravely ventures into the unknown
Barely holding back her precious tears
Her friends and family, forlorn

The sychophants,as animated as zombies
utter wishes and blessing, entirely counterfeit
The long luncheons, even longer tea
Would she hold on to? Would she forget?

“Goodbye my fairweather friend
Looks like we have reached the end
Of a long and warm accquaintance,
Dear, do keep regular correspondance”

So she was told as she went
from floor to cubicle, to meet and greet
Everyone she knew and everyone she liked
To bid adieu before she boarded her fleet

Towards the end of the day we met
Tears flowing down my cheeks, made wet
She held my hand and led me out
Where we could be free to scream and shout

In an embrace we’d held each other
Tears flowing freely from one eye to another
Is it this hard to console people she wondered
As I sat in a little grief and pondered.

Goodbye has a kind of finality to it
So it would not apply to us friends, i said
So spare me that word, my fairweather friend
Soon will come a time when we shall meet again

Of hazels and nuts, we can clearly see
that you are the hazel and i am the nut
Dont dwell in the gloom, dont feel
For in me you have a true friend, Teal.




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