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August 27, 2006

Of aging and dam-aging

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Ello Blogjunta!

I know it has been eons since I blogged and you regulars have been made to wait for long, but Teal is back .. with a BANG! This is something I have been wanting to write about for a long time now … about aging and “damaging” . I am a fresh graduate with a B.Tech in IT [supposedly]. The seeds for this particular post was sown sometime in January when I met up with my school buddies who I havent met since Xth Standard. The topics varied from jobs and pay packages and ickily [in my case] went to the turf that usually grown ups discuss … Eek eeek …

I could see the fact that most my schoolmates had grown up and matured so much ….
That meet made me realise that I am very much at heart the girl from Xth grade. Though seriously wonder what is the clear line that demarcates adulthood? The most obvious being age, but is that all ??? What do you make of people who say that you dont “look” your age? Now that would be dam-aging.

But what should one do to “look” their age??? I am clueless in that area. But in order to cite the fickle perspectives of people around … let me tell you all the story of 2 sisters A and B, who have a significant age gap.

Here are some things told about how “old” they look ~

  1. When they travel in public transport, have been asked if they are twins.
  2. Sister A was asked if she was in college when she was in IXth.
  3. Sister B has been asked which school she was in when she just graduated from college.

When I questioned my mom in this regard, she very eloquently put this point across.
Mental maturity reflects on your face. After all, the face is the index of the mind, is it not?
Now let me tell you about something that happened a couple of weeks ago. I had gone to help out my kid cousin with some school work, her friend had come over. As I was about to leave, I was promptly asked~
“Akka, which school are you in?”.

Me: B-)

I am old enough to be called “Aunty” by kids … [so old that each time I tell people my age, i feel a strong pull in my stomach .. because my inner child and puerile self is yet to come to terms with my age 😦]

But let me tell you guys something. Akka is way better than aunty. Any day … because if I was called Aunty .. then I would be devastated :-O
and going aunty … aunty … aunty … Aana yenn mudi … yen kannu .. yenn skin??

But what do you make of people who have not killed their inner child? Does that mean they look kiddish too? Hmm …. I seriously wonder when the time will come that I will actually “look” my age. But this apparent misunderstanding in my aging is pretty ok. Infact it is flattering.

Aging beats dam-aging anyday. Hands down 😀

Just realised. This happens to be my 50th post!

Someday I will blog about what got me blogging in the first place. I was encouraged a lot by my sister, Rainbow who happens to be a rocking sis! B-)

In lieu of the 50th I did a little digging up of my archives, and realized how much the little girl inside of me was growing up gradually.

4 poems. 4 tag posts. And lots and lots of funny posts in between.

Met lots of people and found many friends through the blog world. 😀

The crappy ban put by UPA and taken off made me realize how thankful I was that I have my own platform in cyberspace, where I choose to be the immaculate me. And today is Ganesh Chathurthi, and Ganesh is the lord of good beginnings rite? So here I am , at it again, marking my comeback on an auspicious day!

Wish u all a very happy Ganesh Chaturthii !

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Muchos Gracias blogjunta >:D


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