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December 31, 2008

2008 … some funny pics!

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Talk about economic inequality!!! What about poor people ?!?



    God, please save me from such excellent exhibitions of spelling prowess. If this situation persists, I shall fall into the pit of the INKE’s (I No Know Engleees)




The ‘Dostana’ effect. Guys, get your clothes stitched here !?!?! 😉




<No stones / eggs / tomatoes pls>


November 7, 2008

Tealspace turned 3 :D

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It was at 9:30pm tonight , I felt such glee
My beloved blog today, turned three
But ’twas not until frost reminded me
And for that, I feel a little silly

For 3 years , through thick and thin
This page has brought out joy and sadness, within
The rains outside, and the blessed rain
got me started on this fascinating terrain

My boredom had found it’s respite
My fingers found a permanent domicile
My mind and soul opened up to junta here
and the formula was once, quite right

3 years have passed, the journey continues
the blogger turns to the blog to beat the blues
Am as proud and happy, as a mother would be
For today , my baby turns three 😀

September 15, 2008

Weekly Woes

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Bunking work on a monday , oh so natural
Can encash on offs, holiday or casual
For coming back to work, after a 2 day respite
Is cruel, unfair and simply not right!

The commute to work, the path taken daily
The monotony it brings, driving you crazy
The start to continuous work, is no fun
And the glum preceeding the week, already begun

Taking off on a tuesday , is not very wise
You’ll still be back the next day
And face what you despise!
So what’s the point anyway?

Come wednesday, there’s the mid week crisis
Your bheja-fried mind, retina and Iris
How do we go on with this grind
How long until, we finally unwind?

On thurday, creeps in some cheer
Finally, the weekend draws near
One day to go, to bring it on
One more day and the week is DONE!

Hola Friday, Thank god it’s you
You are my messiah from the big blue
The end of today’d better come soon
And dawn the end of the 5 day gloom

Gleefully you close all windows, save one, at bay
And there’s a smirk on the face, you check the last mail
Your face goes blank, inward you let a loud wail
Guess who has to work on saturday?

PS: Today is Engineer’s day. Happy Engineers day to all my fellow IT Slaves! 😀

July 1, 2008

The end of july!

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Oh how I await, wait for the end of july
Now dont ask me the reasons why!
Somehow it seems, I’m stuffed to the seams
When all these months whiled away in between

Oh how I long for that day in autumn
Where I can rejoice, in a manner outspoken
When I will take my slice of the cake
and not withstand any more breaks

That day will dawn limitless happy sojourns
Will wash the days and nights spent forlorn
That night’s glory will be forever in my sight
for I will P-A-R-T-Y with all my might!

Would’ve taken a sure step to the road ahead
Not moping and whining around, instead
To a place of happiness, I will be
And this i am sure, is guaranteed!

So dont ask me where I have been all the while
I am stepping away for walking the extra mile
See you all at the end of July
When Teal the blogger, will be just as puerile 😀

March 23, 2008

Badam ‘Shek’ anyone? :-D

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Uploading an image was sooo much simpler in blogger, I miss it sometimes 😦 Hmmmm but what to do, I happened to glimpse this thallu vandii offering people Badam shek and Kaju shek and the like on the way out, so thought might share this one with you all! 😀

Here is another one. Heights of marketing, even at the cost of vandalism of public transport!!!!! Took the picture below while precariously hanging in the foot board of a 21G.

I also happened to glimpse a place that offers Veg Sandwitch as a specialty dish! So much for thinking that witch burning was done with in the medieval times 😐

November 16, 2007

For Meanie

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With a can of drink, he strikes a pose
aping a sports model with oversized nose
To some he may seem a flirt
to some sober, devoid of mirth

With a blinker he focuses in mind
in his blog, other thoughts unwind
In mindless chatter he whiled away time
But in silence, his mind works at prime

Wielding a guitar he sings a song
cracks lame jokes, others laugh along
In deep mood swings his mind oscillates
scares the crap out of all of mates

Draws on paper , with crayons and pencils
Brings to lunch, a box of boiled lentils
ear to ear like a cheshire cat, he grins
Bright pink balloons he refuses to bring!

Basketball to cricket, he plays all games
all girls in the facility know his name
His popularity is too much to explain
but the envy of other men, drive ’em insane!

He takes a joke in a stride, a sport
He shrugs indifference and neglect
He never refuses a trip to food court
the steamed corn, to never forget! 😀

Though he gets damaged many a time, he smiles
His image remains the same all the while
A vile man at times, sometimes pristine
this is the lore of Thames Augustine

Totally random notes:

This poem was written over a span of ten minutes and on request 😛

It’s my sister’s birthday today! 😀

And Tealspace turned 2 years old some days back 😎 and I dint even remember about that 😦

Looks like I missed yet another landmark. I am on post #104 now ….. Cant believe Golli MAAR was my 100th post … Sheesh …. 😐

November 10, 2007

Of feet in mouth

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This post is written with the genuine well wishing intent of enlightening the blogger junta who come here to get some cyber gyaan from great people like me … yeah right.

Point #1: This is not about Foot and Mouth disease.

Point #2:This is not about Mad cow disease, either.

Point #3: This is not about Bird Flu, Chikun Gunya et al… So I think you basically get the hint.

Most often than ever, people end up putting their feet in their mouth [not literally, gross!] in the most unexpected ways.

E.g #1: The ‘Enna koduma saravanan idhu’ F.I.M

  • You are racking your brains for a particular fix … have checked all the bleddy possibilities under the sun. Your TL does the same thing … and he ropes in the senior developer to glance at your code.
  • You heave with a sigh of relief! Phew ….
  • 5 minutes pass.
  • 10 minutes pass ….
  • You get frustrated [since you are hungry , hell it’s lunch time dammit!] and utter “Enna koduma Saravanan idhu??”
  • Your team is laughing out loud.
  • Your Tech Lead giggles uncontrollably .. all is well until you catch the senior developer’s expression -> 😐

Then you finally glance upon his name tag and realise , the dude’s name is Saravanan 😐 oh crapp …..

E.g “The uncomfortable silence amidst the F.I.M”

  • A friend of yours belongs to a different community and hence may have different sentiments about somethings that one might hold as sentimental or close to the heart. One thing that is actually good about the software industry is that people from all over the country come together under one roof. It brings out the true spirit of unity in diversity.
  • And also the potential risks of saying something that may tick off your other “diverse” friends.
  • I am in pretty good terms with people from other states, it feels nice to speak a different language once in a while or to meet up and talk about a place far far away, [which in their case, could be their hometown].

Point of this post is:

Sometimes the most brutally frank people get a big kick in the butt [mostly self inflicted] out of saying something which hurts the other junta. This may seem perfectly harmless when you play it in your head, since your biased perspective will be the judge of it’s harmlessness.

So the best way of avoiding the F.I.M :

  • Think.
  • Think [dammit] before you open your mouth and say something.
  • If someone comes to you with good news like “Hey, I’m getting a promotion!” , dont just go “You got a promotion????” without thinking twice 😀
  • Be calm and stay focussed, since this is something that every chatterbox might end up facing at some point of time in his/her life.

The aftermath of a typical F.I.M and the modus operandi to follow:

  • Aah, the uncomfortable silence and palpable tension.
  • Hey, my teammie is calling .. catch you in a while?
  • Did u see the trailers of “OM shanti OM????” [To be spoken page3 ishtyle]
  • If the F.I.M happens over IM, simply type “brb” and Esc on that chat window. Voila! 😛

As is the case with most such instances, prevention is always better than cure. So stay wise and most importantly, stay silent! 😎

On a totally unrelated note, two of my buddies are walking towards the threshold of a wondrous journey with their better halves.

Here’s to Simran and Ajit ji , wishing them all the joy and bountiful happiness in their lives ahead and all the very best too. 😀

Here’s also to Anirudh and his gal, may god keep them all happy and blessed as they take this step towards a lifetime of togetherness. 😀

October 21, 2007

Happy Vijayadasami

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Our gallant heroine wakes up at 8 am on vijayadasami and does other household chores like a chamathu ponnu [Good girl] that she is. Our heroine Teal’s Sub Conscience takes the driver’s seat in this post. Will be denoted as Teal’s SC.

Statutory Warning: Excessive Usage of emoticons.

Teal: [stretching widely] … Yaaawwwnnnnnnn …

Teal’s SC: :-W How long will u put off the obvious? Somberi Kazhudha [Lazy Donkey!!!]……
Teal: Peace out dude .. i am already busy with stuff!

Now comes the point where the herione does the all pervading job of eating mammu,[food] drinking payasam[kheer] and watching flopped “megahit” thiraipadams [movies]  on regional channels, telecasted for the very first time!

Teal : Yawn …… Me is the sleepy.

Teal’s SC: Books ellam pujaiku vecha porathu .. apo apo thoosi thatti vechukanum. [It’s not sufficient to just keep books and perform poojas … you should occasionally dust them and use them too ..]

Teal: Hey, u have a point.

Teal’s SC: One day in a year all you people nicely escape from reading stuff .. on account of Saraswati Puja.

Teal: Don’t be so jealous. You don’t have a saraswati puja day in the world of sub consciousness. And you consciences are always supposed to suggest good things and point the materialistic brains in the right direction, am I right?

Teal’s SC: Yeah you are right… engalukkum bore adikardhu … but we are the conscious after all …. 😎

Teal : Here comes the sermon … **Yawn**

At 10:30pm in the night, after chamathu ponnu Teal visits the surrounding temples and comes home.

Teal’s SC: Now you better do what you’ve effective postponed all day long!

Teal: [a look of revelation on her face]: Oh yeah!Thanks conscience!

Teal’s conscience looks at the sky and mutters “why the me?”

So here I am typing away my post … and my conscience is bullying me to spend my time in fruitful tasks … so …

Happy Happy Vijaydashami folks!

May this day dawn upon you all wonderful beginnings of miracles in the days to come. 😀

Teal’s SC: Peterrr uttadhu podhum .. poi thoongu.[Enough of speaking too much english, go to sleep]

Teal: ***Enna kodumai saar idhu?[What crap is this Saar?]

[sad flute music playing]

PS: The translation of tamil phrases used are enclosed within the square brackets.

***PPS:  This dialog is the crunch dialog of a movie called Chennai-600028.

PPPS: This post was edited after Ron’s comment. Sorry gal! 😦

April 21, 2007

Of Monday mornings and the blues

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“Aaargh!!! ” is the first thought that pops into my head on monday mornings.
Duty calls. 5 whole days of work before I ever set my eyes on sound sleep or ever find time to practice my guitar. Einstein is one of the scientists whom I admire the most. I can relate to his findings the most as compared to the other geniuses.

The average software engineer’s definition of relativity would go something like this~
” Watching a movie or lazing around on saturday after waking up royally by 11 or 12. Catching up with buddies on sunday and realising that the weekend has vanished and flashed by like lightning!!! Phbbttt … although considering that scenario number 2 , i.e the very formidable weekdays seem to drag on endlesslyyyy …”.
The longest being a monday.

You know the day is monday when~

  1. The first thing you do after reaching office [which is very centrally located in timbaktu] is wash your face and reach for a cuppa.
  2. The clock in ur desktop strikes 12:00 .
  3. You think to yourself, “Yippee , lunch in 1 hours.”
  4. You slip out of your place to browse for a while.
  5. The clock in ur desktop still shows 12:00 am.
  6. You shrug your shoulders and go out for another cuppa coffee.
  7. Bump into your friend from the ABC dept [serendipity?, I think so :-P] and yakk for a while.
  8. The clock in ur desktop shows 12:05 am.
  9. “Has time bloody coagulated????”
  10. Your PL pings you. Pings you with a purpose, for a change.
  11. You finally get loads of work, and your eyeballs find their way to the clock.
  12. It dutifully strikes 1:00pm.
  13. You get a deadline of an hour to finish up the work, while the pointy haired boss happily heads to the cafe [#$%&]

Statistics prove that the frustration graph peaks on monday and then stabilises throughout the rest week. Could that be more surprising??? A survey taken by “V for Vetti” magazine proves that 8 out of 10 software engineers miss out on an early lunch and have to cut down on snack breaks every monday.

The secretary of the Benched S/W Engineers association addressed the press at a conference early today morning that the software community is in it’s entirety totally and absolutely appalled at the plight of it’s brethren and are all set to launch a protest march protesting against pointy haired bosses everywhere. The board members of the BSA are set to propose a 20-point plan on weekday-wise load and submit to pointy haired bosses in all leading S/W concerns.

Meanwhile Mr.Sidumoonji Silphonsa, the president of the P.H.B.A [pointy haired boss association] has refused to speak to the press junta gathered outside a leading a tech park and denied any involvement or action which has lead to the sudden spurring of action of the B.S.A

Amidst all this chaos that surrounds us, we lone bespectacled software engineers, sit in the topmost floor of our company, looking through very crisp and precise code of a million codes and try to fix issues when the DB and Main Server are running a contest on which one will falter with greater frequency.


The unsung warriors caught in corporate slavery!

Of nightmares and night shifts

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“Kutti, where do you work ma?”, asks some Arbid Maama. [Maama~ tamil for uncle]
Me~ **grrr .. this is atleast better than being asked which school la?** “I work at Dumbisys, uncle”
“What timings ma?”
“That varies uncle. We kind of alternate between regular and night shift timings when required.”
Arbid Maama successfully scoffs and gives a pretentious look of concern [wonder how], apart from clicking toungue in sympathy. “Call Centre aa kozhandaii??” [Kozhandaii~ kiddo in tamil]
Me~ @#%#&^$#& okies .. take a deep breath …. “Uncle no I dont work in a call centre, you see . it is like this …bla bla ” and take him through a whole lotta tech lingo that the poor uncle is left blinking like a babboon, and successfully hush him B-)
So anyways , this was my plight during my intial days at work. It took a whole lot of elaboration to tell these ppl that I am not workin in a BPO since they were accustomed to the usual 9-5 timings of bank work or goverment office work. We software folks scoff at them , claiming that we arent that ‘lethargic’, or slow to work as these folks.
But analyse this. We need 7 cups of coffee to keep our brains working .. forget lubrication or ignition, coffee has become fuel for the brain. Take it from a self confessed coffee addict , offspring of appalled parents.
And who said we people need to take part in reality shows to test our true physical prowess?
When you join a software concern, assuming you are not in bench or any government like concern, you will be tested and trialled. Either you might be loaded as hell , like the good ol’ management oldies, fancily put it as “Over utilisation of resources” or unable to strike “work-life balance”…. forget work-life …. striking a balance between sanity and lunacy is strenous enough!
During my initial days at work, I had to work nights 2 weeks a month … and those days were real fun. The initial warping of the body clock was real vexating but when i got accustomed to that it was kinda fun.
We used to take 25min coffee breaks for every hour and still finish up on time!
One fine day [or should I say night] after watching Exorcism of Emily Rose, I drove to work and parked my vehicle. The service lift was closer to the parking lot than the elevators.
So I thought, wat the hell, might as well give that a shot.
That just made me realise, I am the uncrowned queen of bad decisions.
The service lift got stuck in between the 4th and 5th floor due to a power cut.
So Imagine all of the following~

  • It is 10:30 in the night
  • You hve just finished watching a horror movie
  • Your lift gets stuck up in between 2 top floors.
  • You are alone in the lift.
  • It is PITCH DARK.

The movie wasnt so scary, and I got rescued very quickly, after the workers decided they couldnt bear 20 mins of incessant banging on the lift door. So when we came down for our first coffee break, my friend and I start chatting as always. ABC is a real scaredy cat. DEF is a real prankster.
We started talking about my weird experience and thanks to DEF, the topic drifted to the world of our ghoulish buddies.
ME~ “Hey you know jhalak dikhla jaa is banned in some village in gujrat, because people get possessed by spirits on hearing that??”
ABC~ “Hey shut up! Dont talk about all that .. let talk about something else 😦 “
DEF~ gives devilish grin.
We 3 are hushed by sudden gargling noises from the coffee machine. … ABC turns pale .. DEF starts mimickin villaneous laughter and before you know it .. Voila!!!! .. POWER CUT!
**Amidst the 20 seconds of pitch darkness, a cold and extremely clammy hand grabs my hand …***
Me~” Hey ABC, its ok!”
When the power comes back on .. we see a shadow at the door … that does it for ABC [who looked as if she was going to burst , outta supressing all those screams] .. “come … come …”and drags me out of the cafe and runs as if there was a ghost at her heels!!!
When we await for the elevator on the right side, the one on the left suddenly opens … and we see a faded white, wispy apparition on the inner wall of the lift!
ABC rushes for the stairs .. and I am rolling on the floor , laughing!!!
So much for a person wearing a white salwar and running away from her own reflection.

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