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November 7, 2008

Tealspace turned 3 :D

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It was at 9:30pm tonight , I felt such glee
My beloved blog today, turned three
But ’twas not until frost reminded me
And for that, I feel a little silly

For 3 years , through thick and thin
This page has brought out joy and sadness, within
The rains outside, and the blessed rain
got me started on this fascinating terrain

My boredom had found it’s respite
My fingers found a permanent domicile
My mind and soul opened up to junta here
and the formula was once, quite right

3 years have passed, the journey continues
the blogger turns to the blog to beat the blues
Am as proud and happy, as a mother would be
For today , my baby turns three 😀


September 3, 2008

Happy Bday to you!

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Love him loads! 😀

May 11, 2008

HAPPY Mothers day!

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It was this day , that was decided upon
to celebrate the presence of angel, an saviour
When life is confusing and forlorn
To hug us, reassure us , forever more

To have someone to believe in me , always
To love ever so unselfishly
To become my best friend, for life
and to never part with me, part ways!

Love you mom!

PS: This mother’s day also coincided with my mom’s birthday! How cool is that 😀

April 27, 2008

The weekend that was not [What I had thought!]

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This weekend has gone by in a pretty fun way, to the extent that I am all charged up to tackle the week ahead! [Yeah imagine these words, that too from ME!] Went for the IPL match between Chennai Super Kings and the Kolkata Knightriders. Needless to say, the Super Kings prevailed and well, the bongs went back defeated! 8)

This was the first time I had ever watched a cricket match in a stadium, it was an AWESOME Experience. I remember watching the mexican wave on TV, yesterday I was actually a part of it!! 😀 The chants of ‘Dhoni! Dhoni!’ and ‘Hayden! Hayden!’ filled and echoes through the stadium. The cheerleaders of the super kings were in full enthusiasm and dancing away to glory, whereas the firang cheerleaders from the Knight Riders were just sitting around! Shahrukh, you might want to re-recruit a cheer leading squad!


The prematch performance was very very very below average. I honestly wonder why people make a big deal out of mirchi suchi! She SUCKS live! I was actually waiting for those people to stop singing! [Or is braying, the right term?] Went for a movie with Ma, the most predicatable one being ‘U me aur hum’. It is kind of obvious that Ajay Devgan has tried a ‘Taare Zameen Par’ style movie with Alzheimer’s disease. It is all senti, and if you are taking you mom along, I recommend a box of tissues to be taken along. The songs in the movie are pretty good. My favorite is ‘Paheli jaisa sayyan’ . But a good effort. Sadly the age shows on both their faces. It really does! And plus, they have gone overboard in including their love for anything spanish, including a lot of time focussed on salsa, and also ‘Jee le’ having a strong latin-y sound.

But it is a better than average flick, if you can ignore the fake graphics, in the movie 😛

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