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December 3, 2007

Bad hair days and a baby’s smile

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Today is just yet another crappy monday, I thought. My start wasn’t that good. Woke up real late with a nightmare involving people who would’nt even cross my mind if the apocalypse was around the corner. Funny , this dream mechanism. It brings to the forefront of focus people who dont mean a thing to you at all!

And given Chennai’s humid weather, my hair once looked like that of an anime character. One must understand that people from yesteryears look at me and immediately understand that I like rock music .. beat that !!! 😐

My new hairstyle is pretty convinient for head bangin, pity their ain’t no decent rock bands coming around. Heard maiden was hitting mumbai in Feb though me no maiden maniac. [Except for those days when you are so damn pissed with the world! But I also listen to “Break stuff” by Limp Bizkit, which basically includes every expurgated word involved and brings the whole “why blaaad … same blaaad thing” perspective]

After tryin in vain to tame my mane [yeah I know I got a knack for poetry 😛 ] I rushed out to the bus stop , missing a bus. Dammmit, I thought. Then I got another bus where there was this extremely cuuuuuuuuuute baby with her mom and grandma sitting right behind me. I kept playing with the kid gleefully till my bus stop.  Then as I headed to my terminus, all the share autos were already taken, infact overflowing with people [@$%^(^&$%@]

Then came a completely vacant auto which took very less people and dropped me real soon. Pretty good eh? I infact even had a pretty good day at work. All that I had set out to achieve had been accomplished. Got a very clever excel tip and put that to use, which saved me a lot of time. While heading back home, yakked a lot with my buddy and for once, he actually cracked a joke! 😀 And at that moment , I just realised how long it had been since I actually laughed out loud. [See I am not the kind who types “lol” or “lmao” in chat and looks like -> 😐 ]

On the way back home,I missed yet another bus by seconds. This time I thought to myself , there must be plenty of buses around. I got one bus around 10 minutes later, and guess what, I reached hom 3 mins earlier than the bus I had missed! That again put a grin on my face 😀

Needless to say, this bad hair day blossomed into a beautiful start for the week ahead, thanks to the baby’s smile 🙂


September 6, 2007

Michael Buble’s Everything!!!

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You're a falling star
You're the getaway car
You're the line in the sand
When I go to far
You're the swimming pool
On an august day
And you're the perfect thing to say

And you play it coy but it's kinda cute
Oh when you smile at me you know exactly what you do
Baby don't pretend that you don't know it's true
Cause you can see it when I look at you

And in this crazy life
And through these crazy times
It's you
It's you
You make me sing
You're every line
You're every word
You're everything

You're a carousel
You're a wishing well
And you light me up
When you ring my bell
You're a mystery
You're from outer space
You're every minute of my every day

And I can't believe that I'm your man
And I get to kiss you baby just because I can
Whatever comes our way

We'll see it through
And you know that's what our love can do

And in this crazy life
And through these crazy times
It's you
It's you
You make me sing
You're every line
You're every word
You're everything

And so la la la la
So la la la la

And in this crazy life
And through these crazy times
It's you
It's you
You make me sing
You're every line
You're every word
You're everything

You're every song
And I sing along
Cause you're my everything

Yeah, yeah

So la la la la
So la la la la

August 6, 2007

Sounds of Silence …..

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June 30, 2007

I hummed in the rain!

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28th of june was a beautiful day … infact, all the days this week except friday were amazing weather wise. Frequent downpours, smell of damp earth, and cold nights 😀

That was the day Hazel and I actually had the idea of grabbing a cuppa and sitting on the benches in the assembly area. Ideally any assembly area for a tech park would be surrounded by fake plants and the like [which I TOTALLY despise fyi] but this one had real patches of grass and flowers and was sooooo beautiful at that point.

So we just sat on the benches for an hour, setting aside all other responsibilities, and shirking all other worries. Sometimes a l’ll blank time with your brain would do you loadsa good. Trust me 😀

As always all of North India is being blessed with abundant rainfall, and I hope Chennaipattinam goes back to the days of the Monsoon 05 this winter … man that was one heckuva season of rains B-)

But no season ever stays permanent. Post summer is autumn, but post autumn is spring. [Ok Ok I am not set to take a geography lesson, this was a metaphor lol !!! 😛 ] After the charming weather in the past week, this place is crawling towards it’s crowning glory of being the hottest metropolitan .. hmm ….

March 26, 2007


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CAN someone please let know how to shift to the new blogger from the old blogger?
During my sporadic posting days, the option came and went, and now i am not able to move to the new blogger. Both this blog and my other blog are stuck in the old blogger.
Any help will be duly appreciated!

March 18, 2007

Heights of Irrelevance!

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Eloo Blogjunta!

I know it has been eons since any kind of enthusiasm or humor poured in within the realm of T.E.A.L.S.P.A.C.E. I wouldn’t say that my primary occupation of writing [yes, writing in programming languages 😛 if not the universal tongue] is hectic, but it does tax on my enthusiasm and energy, and am inevitably unable to pen down stuff during the weekdays, lest of course I get reallll worked up and take a casual down to my kiosk 😀

“People are crazy, and times have changed

I am locked in tight, I am out of range

I used to care, but things have changed . . .”

Over this gap of a few weeks I had bumped into two or may be even more of my cell inmates from my first school. And came to realize one universal truth~ I haven’t changed since 10th grade. :-O

The younger sibling of a friend of mine, who took valiant efforts to get us both back in touch again, retorted over much surprise [or was it shock] “Akka, you talk the same since you were in 10th standard! I am astounded!!!”

Hmmmm. …….

Quite a bunch of my school buds who are damn close to me also accept this , but not with as much shock. Which kind of brings me to this topic.

What is exactly known as “growing up?”

How do you define a “grown up” person?

Many have said over these few years that I have spent in this world that a grown up person is someone who is mature, or rather “acts” mature.

“Look at how mature she is.”

Maturity is associated with being calm, composed and quiet. And of course having a firm hand in decision making, and being possessed with the ability to take total control of your life.

So a person who you’ve just met or those distant relatives or those useless ppl you meet at functions or you are acquainted with [gok why, you might never end up meeting them again, or end up meeting them and to much embarrassment, not being able to recall them.] cant judge you about being mature, right?

But on the surface~

  1. Won’t introverts be misjudged as “mature” people?
  2. Does that mean talkative people are not mature?
  3. Question 2 repeated w.r.t extroverts?

So people, an extrovert with a rocking sense of humor could easily be misjudged as a puerile person , right? Falsify all my above statements with a relevant argument, if you feel otherwise.

And on a totally irrelevant note, saw three great movies ~

  • Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2 [Tarantino rocks!!!!]
  • The Departed [Matt Damon and Leonardo Di Caprio shine like beacons through superb performances, well done Scorcese (well deserved Oscars too)]
  • Batman Begins

After seeing Lawrence Fishburne and Uma Thurman wield the Samurai Sword, me got a keen interest to learn that art, wat say folks? 😀

Saw Batman begins. [all you ardent movie goers may poo-poo at my lack of movie watchin pace , but whatever] Christian Bale is amazing. The second best actor to play Batman. The first being Val Kilmer. Batman Forever!!! Need I say more?

Just started reading “The google story” by David .A Vise. Finished “Eragon” by Christopher Paolini. Fell in love with it. Planning to buy Eldest and Alagesia soon.

Dragon Eggs, anyone? 😦

India loses to Bangladesh. Maybe they should spend less time whitening their teeth or straightening their hair at beauty salons to endorse stuff and more time practicing on the field.

And nowadays I am hooked to John Mayer and Joe Satriani. Guitar classes going at snail pace, since my carnatic roots take a while to get used to western notations, but on a brighter note, I can play 2 varnams in my guitar 😀

Someday, I will play “Crystal Planet” and “The Extremist”.

Thala pola varuma?

February 3, 2007

Mylai Magic

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There is something magical and mesmerising about good old Mylapore. The locality got it’s name from the story of Goddess Parvathy taking the form of a peacock [Mayil ~ in tamil] and offering Vilva leaves and flowers to Lord Shiva. The Kailai of Chennai~ Mylai.

Despite the heavy traffic ridden route to mylai, this place brings a sense of inner calm and peace to many a hindu devotee. Take it from a person who says a quick prayer en route office at the very sight of the glorious gopuram of the Kapaleeshwarar Kovil.

This temple is one of the most well known places of worship in Chennaipattinam. And now Kapaleeshwarar Temple is having the annual float festival – a.k.a the theppa kulam . Weekends are all about forgetting the stress and strain of the days in the past week and relaxing and forgetting your worries. A place of worship is the best place to put ur worries to rest.
Today I got to witness the theppa kulam at a 2-step distance. 😀

It was a full moon night. I swarmed through the sea of devotees who had thronged the four sides of the temple tank. Today happens to be the last day of the float festival. Call it providence or any kind of divine intervention, I got to sit 2 steps before the water on the side of the temple tank. The float approached. I sat facing the front view of the gopuram of the temple.

Today it was Lord Muruga’s [a.k.a Karthikeyan] turn. Unfortunately I missed out on the float for Goddess Karpagambal, the consort of Lord Kapaleeshwarar, who is an incarnate of Lord Shiva.

The serene atmosphere and the aura of devotion from devotees all around made this visit to Kapali Temple an unforgettable one. I sat under the moonlit sky and watched Mylai all light up in grandeur.

Only this time around, I am way too old to take Choppu Chaamaan back home. 😦

December 30, 2006

2006~ The Wind up

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I just cant believe that we have reached the fag end of 2006.
2006 has been a year of mixed emotions for me. A lot of joyous incidents took place, but there always is some element of sadness that prevails in people’s lives, however shortlived or stretched it may seem to be.

I happened to go through my archives and found last year’s wind up post , and I realised how things were quiet different then and how things have seemed to have changed now!
Hmm …

T.E.A.L.S.P.A.C.E is more than one year old now. I had started off this year with a craze and passion for blogging … and blogged even during the most testing and tumultous times in the past year …

  1. Learnt a lot of lessons, some easy some damn hard.
  2. We never seem to realise how blessed we are, do we? Take a lot of things for granted, we do. And yes I do love Jedi Master Yoda [who happens to be my favourite character from Star Wars Series] but I’ll not copy his unique style.
  3. Learnt to give my best.
  4. Learnt to leave the rest to god.
  5. Cant say I am superstitious, but yes I believe in providence, destiny and all that jazz.
  6. This year marked a reaffirmation of my faith in many ideas.
  7. Threw a surprise party for my best buddy, who’s birthday happens to be today!
  8. Learnt to get a grip on some areas and learnt to let go 🙂
  9. Lost faith in Indian Democracy. 99%.

There are so many path breaking stories that happened this year, some shocking, some mind numbing and some plainly numbing.

  1. The ban on blogger! Grrr….
  2. The anti reservation protests, which ultimately went in vain. I have decided not to write more about such futile things, where the citizens of a democracy raise a united uproar, and are ultimately hushed to a deathly silence. For my emotions on the same, you could always read my post on that.
  3. The July 11 train bombings in Mumbai and the subsequent bombings in Malegaon.
  4. FIFA WORLD CUP – Zidane’s (in) famous exit from football [Will miss you Zizou :-(]
  5. The verdict for Jessica Lall’s case.
  6. Salman ‘the shirtless’ Khan getting five years of rigorous imprisonment, has also been fined Rs 25,000 and sent to the to Central Jail.
  7. Kaavya Vishwnathan’s accolades on her ‘genuine’ work.
  8. Schumi’s retirement.
  9. Last but definitely not the last – Saddam Hussien’s execution, which happened before dawn today! Around the same time last year Veerappan and now him, next year, hopefully Osama.

Anyways …
Wish you folks a rocking 2007! May god shower all his choicest blessings on you and give you all that you need to achieve your dreams. Have a blast this year!

Carpe Diem.

December 17, 2006

This Is My Life, RatedLife: 7.3Mind: 6.2Body: 8…

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This Is My Life, Rated
Life: 7.3
Mind: 6.2
Body: 8
Spirit: 7.5
Friends/Family: 3.8
Love: 2.9
Finance: 8.6
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

This is my life’s rating from some arbid site …. .the link found from some arbit person’s blog.
Cant say I agree much with some aspects of the results though 😛

November 8, 2006

Happy Birthday T.E.A.L.S.P.A.C.E

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I cant believe the fact that it has been one whole year since the creation of T.E.A.L.S.P.A.C.E. This time last year if people told me that I would have become a decent blogger putting up posts attempting at humor and also manic-depressing poems, I would’ve laughed out loud on their face.

Actually TEALSPACE turns a year old only tomorrow, but I am really excited about putting up this post .. so here I am … at it again…
There was a time , infact this time last year, that the torrential rains in Tamil Nadu held me captive within the four walls of my house. My Blog became my one true solace in cyberspace for all my ranting , raving and of course, whining 😉

As I wrote [or should I say, typed] and kept on writing, I realised that I could do some averagely decent posts and make people laugh 🙂

A lot has changed in the last year. The puerile me is finally starting to grow up. And I ask myself the classic question every single day, all throughout my childhood, I could hardly wait to grow up and now look at me .. I am all of 21 years old , working and yet, I want to return to the shelter of childhood. A lot of lessons learnt, some easily, some the hard ways.
Quite a lot of hardships faced, which has toughened me for the long ride of life.
A lot of friends thorough the blogger realm and other e-community based forums. Yes, I have decided not to shamelessly endorse any site or any brand for that matter.

When me and my best buddy, Hell’s Angel created our own blogs on the same day, last year, we never knew how and where this would take us. Now we looked back upon all these posts and comments and regular visitors and take pride in the mature bloggers that we have become.

My sister Rainbow and my blogger mentor, has the most powerful weapon of wit and sarcasm
Hell’s Angel has an excellent vocabulary which is very evident from her short and spicy posts.
Vivek’s blog is something very eclectic. Every post different in it’s own way.
Srinivasan is one heckuva of a funny kid.
Komal’s blog is more of a personal kind, where he puts forth all his feelings and opens up.

I could go on about all my blog buddies and my previous posts, but I assume that the one reading this post must have gone through both.

A year older, but a lot wiser?

Hope So.

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