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September 17, 2007

The dawn of the lone white wolf

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It wasn’t too way back, not too along ago,

I was born with the fur of white snow

Pride of my pack, on each face a glow

Little did I know, it was all meant to go


One fateful night as I rolled over the ground

Around me, my parent’s protective bound

A fire of destruction , of flora and fauna

From the evil ones of Jaguara


I was a lone little pup lost in the woods

Scared and ran for life, no water or food

To love none , to trust none , I could

no place to call my neighbourhood


Stumbled upon a forsaken town

where everything was upside down

Discovered my true purpose in life, a man

Through the blessed words of the shaman


Twas foretold, a longer and gruelling journey

past all lands and the end of the seas

Bracing heartbrakes, brazen like ice

I was meant to open ‘Paradise’


As I started this journey , the world around died

Men killed , women and children cried

All that was good was gone, ruthless and chill

Where was the beautiful flower fille?


As I stumbled upon on her , I found a love

Something as old as the deep rooted mangroves

She was frail, powerful and her existance wondorous

She was all I needed in my exodus


Tsume , the grey and Toboe the pup

Hege the glutton, Blue as cute as buttercups

Soon joined me on this hopeless trail

Days dragged on, sanity derailed ….


Lord Darcia lashed out a numerous times

Forsaked by aristrocrat’s own paradise

Never thought twice about henious crimes

For Harmona, or for his metamorphosis


The traitor almost had his way, he killed

Toboe and Blue lay still, baring cuspids

Hege stayed on till he could no more

Bled proudly through the bore by Tsume’s fangs


Twas in my destiny, I could see

The lone wolf to complete this journey

I was the chosen one, orphaned again

Until I was shaken by Cheza’s wail


She withered right in front of my eyes

A beautiful dame, now a withered flower

I felt the polar daunting cracks on the surface of ice

She died in my arms saying “See you in paradise”


Darcia’s form was not his own, he was the fallen one

Tried to change the aftermath of the red moon

Walked toward the end of the line, with lust in his eyes

Thinking he would be the one to open the gates


Towards the end of the walk he choked

His legs shivered, his voice broke

Cheza’s poison destroyed him inside

The vile aristrocrat perished , left behind an eye


With all that left of my grand fight

with the man bearing an wolf’s eye

I gave up my soul and everything in sight

Fell onto the ocean bed, ‘neath the artic ice


What Jaguara denied to whole of creation , I gave

A new hope, a new beginning devoid of any kind of slaves

The immortal legend of any desert, of any turf

I am Kiba, The lone white wolf.





September 15, 2007

I’m Least Surprised =D

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Which Wolf’s Rain character are you most like?


You are Kiba!(Pronounced kee-ba)Kiba, in Japanese, means “fang”. The (more or less) leader of the “pack”, Kiba is an arctic wolf who follows his instincts towards Paradise. When he was young, his pack and family were slaughtered when the forest where he lived was burned to the ground by Jagara’s troops. He was then raised by a shaman who told him that he had a purpose, explaining why the forest had sheltered him from the flames. The shaman told him that he would have a great journey ahead of him, and that journey was to find paradise. Kiba begins his quest for paradise in the hope that there he will finally find peace. It is revealed later in the series that he is in fact the chosen one who is destined to find and open paradise. He tends to be distrustful toward humans, and in the early episodes is reluctant to take a human form, even when it’s more convenient. He also has an attraction to Cheza, which may only be due to the fact that she can lead them to paradise.
Take this quiz!

On a totally different note, today is my sweetheart’s birthday! Happy Budday my dearesht Pilluuuuuuu :-*

You bring sunshine to every day … you make my life worthwhile! 😀

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