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September 30, 2008

Mutant Mutiny

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In the mid of the village stood this banyan tree

So tall so strong, that all could see

The mighty trunk in it’s mid, the branches wide

multitudes of roots, hanging on each side



In it’s height many a few sought refuge

In it’s shade,  many a few rested, 

In it’s few fruits a pintful ate and fed

The rest just clung on ,all without a clue


The roots spread out far and long, like tentacles

A few managed to break free, some held on

Some hoped for a storm , or some miracles

Some stood still, suicidal and forlorn


And then a tornado took the town by surprise

The residents ran for life, fear in each eye

In utter desparation some fought

For some it was freedom well sought


Out of the blue, we heard a slight uproar

Cries of victory , across the sky soar

The prisoners of the vile tree 

Set themselves free


From the safety and nothingness they must exit

Else if they persist, they will perish

Onto a new path so free , they go

A new start , one sure to flourish


September 22, 2008

Doors tightly shut.

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That’s right.

Until I find something positive and funny to write about, this blog will have no new post.

Thanks to the few regulars who kept me going.

[To be back with a real big bang]


September 21, 2008

Inner torment of the IT professional

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The same old drill ensues, yet another day

The monotony never seems to fade away

One fine day, it’s all out in the papers

Your soul is drowned in worry, and dismay


The competition increases, the level so very upbound

The need for the amoebic, ever so profound

The lay off, budget cuts all set to take shape

To shake your world, like an earthquake



Will I make money for bread today

Or to grad school, should I make way?

Will I end up jobless tomorrow?

And give in to the pile of loans borrowed?


The unforgiving inflation, with it, it brings

The lack of balance, security and savings

There seems to be no guarantee for normal skills

An engineering degree is now a run off the mill


Where are we headed in this mad rush of a race?

Where does it all end?

should we be vigil and fickle?

Or laid back and be calm and pretend?


I feel the rush deep within, 

but my fear keeps me captive, instead

When will I recover from the feel of dread

and when will I move ahead?


Am I losing my sanity to the void?

Am I imprisoned in a nightmare of Freud?

Am I being just garrulous

Or a tad too paranoid ?

September 15, 2008

Weekly Woes

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Bunking work on a monday , oh so natural
Can encash on offs, holiday or casual
For coming back to work, after a 2 day respite
Is cruel, unfair and simply not right!

The commute to work, the path taken daily
The monotony it brings, driving you crazy
The start to continuous work, is no fun
And the glum preceeding the week, already begun

Taking off on a tuesday , is not very wise
You’ll still be back the next day
And face what you despise!
So what’s the point anyway?

Come wednesday, there’s the mid week crisis
Your bheja-fried mind, retina and Iris
How do we go on with this grind
How long until, we finally unwind?

On thurday, creeps in some cheer
Finally, the weekend draws near
One day to go, to bring it on
One more day and the week is DONE!

Hola Friday, Thank god it’s you
You are my messiah from the big blue
The end of today’d better come soon
And dawn the end of the 5 day gloom

Gleefully you close all windows, save one, at bay
And there’s a smirk on the face, you check the last mail
Your face goes blank, inward you let a loud wail
Guess who has to work on saturday?

PS: Today is Engineer’s day. Happy Engineers day to all my fellow IT Slaves! 😀

September 14, 2008


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Thanks for getting me through some tough times. Will miss you loads. 😦

When indi rock was born

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As a kid, I remember being glued to MTV in the 90’s as I was just getting acquainted with western music. Back then of course , I had no particular preferance of genres [although much later on I moved from the boy band phase to listening to anything under the sun].

The early 90s saw the rise of indipop. Artistes like Alisha Chinoy, Baba Sehgal, Biddu, Shaan and Saagarika and Sunita Rao carve out something new and different to a generation which was only used to filmy music. Sometime around this timeframe was when I’d heard ‘Trapped’ by Indus Creed for the first time.

Back then I remember not understanding much of the video, but I really did like their sound. They had something unique unlike most indi rock wannabe bands who sound pseudo-white angry rockers filled with angst. It saddens me that Indus Creed faded away into obscurity when bands like Parikrama [which are not quite as good as them , are still in the news] Of course parikrama goes from place to place mostly playing cover versions of time tested rock anthems like ‘Highway to hell’ and ‘Another brick in the wall’, but their own songs have not impressed me to any extent.

Apart from Indus Creed, I feel no other indi rock band has done a good job singing in english. Even the sounds of Junkyard Groove seem ordinary to me. A lot of regional bands have mushroomed since the rock revolution hit India. One of the most popular ones being Avial. Yes I really like thier sound and have made n number of references to them in my previous posts, but they are totally worth it.

Here’s to indus creed.

Hope you guys make a comeback soon.

Indirock needs you!

September 7, 2008

One of the most underrated songs, ever.

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It was sometime in the early 2000’s, when I had popped in a CD that belonged to a friend of my sister’s into my stereo system. Starting from the tilting melody that starts the track to the melancholic end , U2’s ‘Electrical Storm’ had me in complete rapture.  This track was probably released a whole lot earlier before the time I got to listen to it the first time, but wow, what a song!

I then happened to watch the video of the song on TV, [yes the one with a much younger Larry Mullen jr and a mermaid] and liked it too.  Following are the lyrics of the song. If you are a U2 fan, you will really like this one, trust me! 😀

U2 – Electrical storm

The sea it swells like a sore head
and the night it is aching
Two lovers lie with no sheets on their bed
And the day it is breaking

On rainy days we’d go swimming out
On rainy days swimming in the sound
On rainy days we’d go swimming out

You’re in my mind all of the time
I know that’s not enough
If the sky can crack there must be someway back
For love and only love

Electrical Storm
Electrical Storm
Baby don’t cry

Car alarm won’t let you back to sleep
You’re kept awake dreaming someone elses dream
Coffee is cold but it’ll get you through
Compromise that’s nothing new to you.
Let’s see colours that have never been seen
Let’s go places no one else has been

You’re in my mind all of the time
I know that’s not enough
Well if the sky can crack there
must be someway back
To love and only love

Electrical storm [ x3 ]
Baby don’t cry

It’s hot as hell, honey in this room
Sure hope the weather will break soon
The air is heavy, heavy as a truck
We need the rain to wash away our bad luck

Well if the sky can crack there
must be some way back
To love and only love

Electrical storm [ x3 ]

Baby don’t cry [ x3 ]

September 3, 2008

Happy Bday to you!

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Love him loads! 😀

September 1, 2008

Let Go – OST Garden State

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This song was introduced to me by mi hermana, as were many things in life. Somehow I ended up listening to this song one too many a time and watched this portion of garden state one too many a time. Many people did not seem to like this movie, but i did. I did like this one 🙂

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