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December 31, 2008

2008 … some funny pics!

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Talk about economic inequality!!! What about poor people ?!?



    God, please save me from such excellent exhibitions of spelling prowess. If this situation persists, I shall fall into the pit of the INKE’s (I No Know Engleees)




The ‘Dostana’ effect. Guys, get your clothes stitched here !?!?! 😉




<No stones / eggs / tomatoes pls>


August 22, 2008

Some really gud ones!

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In Arunachala, we trust

But it rained. One fine morning, at Marina Beach

My all time favorite. My saviour. The one, the only Lord Ganesha.

How did Mylapore get it’s name? Look no further!

Karpagambal on Kamadhenu vahanam.

The holy trinity of the sacred feminine – Durga Lakshmi and Saraswathi, during Navratri last year

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