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September 3, 2008

Happy Bday to you!

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Love him loads! 😀


August 22, 2008

Some really gud ones!

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In Arunachala, we trust

But it rained. One fine morning, at Marina Beach

My all time favorite. My saviour. The one, the only Lord Ganesha.

How did Mylapore get it’s name? Look no further!

Karpagambal on Kamadhenu vahanam.

The holy trinity of the sacred feminine – Durga Lakshmi and Saraswathi, during Navratri last year

September 15, 2007

I’m Least Surprised =D

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Which Wolf’s Rain character are you most like?


You are Kiba!(Pronounced kee-ba)Kiba, in Japanese, means “fang”. The (more or less) leader of the “pack”, Kiba is an arctic wolf who follows his instincts towards Paradise. When he was young, his pack and family were slaughtered when the forest where he lived was burned to the ground by Jagara’s troops. He was then raised by a shaman who told him that he had a purpose, explaining why the forest had sheltered him from the flames. The shaman told him that he would have a great journey ahead of him, and that journey was to find paradise. Kiba begins his quest for paradise in the hope that there he will finally find peace. It is revealed later in the series that he is in fact the chosen one who is destined to find and open paradise. He tends to be distrustful toward humans, and in the early episodes is reluctant to take a human form, even when it’s more convenient. He also has an attraction to Cheza, which may only be due to the fact that she can lead them to paradise.
Take this quiz!

On a totally different note, today is my sweetheart’s birthday! Happy Budday my dearesht Pilluuuuuuu :-*

You bring sunshine to every day … you make my life worthwhile! 😀

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