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October 4, 2008

Rock on, rocks on!

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Rock On!

Rock On!

So you’d thought the guy with the classic Midas touch who had faltered with ‘DON’ would not make a comeback? So you’d thought the director with a genius lyricist’s blood running in his veins , can’t sing or act? Wrong and well, wrong again.

Starting from the slick trailors being shown on television to the promos put in theatres, ‘ROCK ON!!’ had kindled my curiousity enough to make me want to actually walk into a theatre and want to watch this movie.

The previous bollywood fest I had seen was ‘Jaane tu ya jaane na’ which was, well , let’s not get there! 😀

So I got to hear the songs of the movie much before I actually saw it. There was an instant liking to ‘Pichle saat dinon’ , soon enough I was addicted to this one and sang along everytime it was played.Oh, I forgot to mention Farhan’s singing skills. He sounds like Lucky Ali meeting rock music. Which is totally rad!The other song to which i had a instant attraction was ‘Rock ON!’ and ‘Sindbad the sailor’. Although sometimes it feels like the lyrics of ‘Pichle saat dinon mein’ doesnt make much sense, ‘Sindbad’ is full of inspiring lyrics and quite hummable too. It has been a while since I felt good after watching a hindi movie. Rock On brought that crazy grin on my face after a long long time!

Purab donnes the clown cap in the movie , and yes Arjun Rampal can also act! Shocking but true 😛

The angle of ‘the rift between 2 members of a thick gang of friends re-uniting’ might make one reminiscent of Dil Chahta Hai. But everyone has done a great job in acting in this movie. Heck , even Farhan has. This has proved that he is quite a versatile guy.

Of the recent bunch of movies I have seen, ‘Rock on’ clearly stands out.

PS: This is post #150! 😀


September 1, 2008

Let Go – OST Garden State

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This song was introduced to me by mi hermana, as were many things in life. Somehow I ended up listening to this song one too many a time and watched this portion of garden state one too many a time. Many people did not seem to like this movie, but i did. I did like this one 🙂

November 15, 2007

Teal talkies: Om Shanti Om

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I was of the stern and sure opinion that me and my sis were the only ones in the sub-continent to know Gene Kelly’s “Singing in the rain” scene by scene and frame by frame.

Fate has proven otherwise. Farah Khan has not only proved her memory power, but also her powers of plagiarism. Her previous effort “Main hoon na” ruthlessly spoofed many sequences from The Matrix. Each sequence [almost] from the first half has been heartlessly copied from Gene Kelly’s magnum opus.

The styling is one good aspect of the movie , I must say. Although I wonder whether the garments were stitched on Deepika or otherwise?

Deepika is very pretty throughout the movie, and performs pretty well for a debutant. Shahrukh could’ve forgone the sexy fireman wannabe ishtyle for “Dard-e-disco” , which is a good track. The songs of the movie arent that bad, either. The other memorable track being “Deewangi Deewangi”. The uber long movie tests the movie goer’s patience in the second half.

The comedy track of the movie is again, good. Every aspect of the movie is good, save the story and a non existent screenplay. This is one of those movies which require cryogenic preservation of your functioning brain cells in some safe facility for a duration of around 3 hours.

My friend and mom, both of whom are SRK fans, were not particularly keen on running for this movie … considering the fact that my friend used to catch the latest SRK movie within 3 days of release, if not the first day.

Some surprises lie in store. Arjun Rampal can ACTUALLY emote. Yeah,I know it is pretty surprising, but true.Apart from that, a very predictable turn of events unfold at the climax.

Teal’s verdict: Not worth the hype. Can give a 2.5 out of 5.

I simply shudder to wonder how bad the other “disappointing” Diwali releases could be… Egad …. 😐

June 23, 2007

Sivaji , the “Baas”

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Yuppy .. been a loooooong time since I wrote a review and much much longer since I watched a Rajni movie in theatres. After much unnessecary hype and hoopla created by most of TN’s junta , including standing for hours together to get tickets – spending 200 odd for watching the movie . .. and that too THIS ONE!


What was Shankar thinking????

When MGR was 60 odd and acted with much much younger heroines he had the sense to take long shots! Rajni’s age shows clearly through the utterly ghastly close-ups and his inability to dance [no, i dont mean the way he has danced since his entry into tinsel town]

As is the case with most Shankar movies, there is unnessecary extravangance in almost every turn of the movie. ‘Ballelaka’ – features some of Tamil Nadu’s pot bellied junta who bear various motifs on their tummies – from lions to pongal pots, to Rajni’s face. What is utterly disgusting is watching them wobble in close up as poor shankar made them jump and jive [Eeek, i tend to get very specific at times]. Shankar has tried the ‘guest’ appearance funda for [I think] the first time in front of the camera . . .

Thotta Tharani’s art work is amazing … all the sets are wonderful and very very ethereal , especially the setting for ‘Sahana saaral’ – the glasshouse and the water below the flooring. Manish Malhotra’s design is very gaudy and I would advice ppl to wear coolers while ‘Oru koodai sunlight’ comes on screen , biker blonde rajni is a hoot to watch!

As is the case with most Rajni movies , expect a lottt of punch dialogues. And after the grand realisation that he had glorified smoking all these years , the super star switches to chewing gum.

Watching Bald Rajni being styled Morpheus style and fighting matrix style stunts [or was it trying to spoof them, can anyone tell the difference?] was one of the many things tht irked me to the CORE. And what does he mean by demolishing all the guitars???? Stunt sequences copied from all successful action movies – POC, Kill Bill , The Matrix Trilogy. That Peter Hayne guy must be jailed for plagiarism!

Shreya has duely taken Ash’s place to prove she can scare as much [or is it even more] with her plastic smiles and her wanderfool acting skills , but dances amazingly well through out the movie. Vivek’s comedy remains subdued in the grand screen presence of the ‘Baas’.

The music of the movie is plain disappointing. A.R Rehman has rendered incoherent noise [listen up for the sound of scratching nails and heavy metal objects moving in ‘Oru koodai sunlight’] The other numbers are too ordinary for the standards that he has set. Nothing hummable or worth retaining.

Alltogether an utterly pointless flick. Shankar again takes the anti politician approach and makes utterly ridiculous things seem possible. Leave your brain in cold storage, take in loads of patriotism with you into the theatre. You will come out entertained. I guarantee it.

For all the Rajni Verians who might be reading this  – “Coooooooool………

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