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December 28, 2008

The mad dash to the finish line

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These days , and these times , we seldom find
A reason to celebrate, a cause to unwind
One achievement doesnt suffice, we need another
We need to race on the mad dash, to the finish line

Taking the time tested and trialled paths
Always do what is told, and seldom ask
for reason , meaning or anything behind
this worthy cause drilled in our minds

Past graduation we realize
We’ve become the one thing , we despised
Look around, everyone is gone to break the rules
some to another plain, some back to school

Is a postgraduation
the only answer and solution?
With every generation the bar grows higher
subsiding ever more so, the inner fire

I shan’t fret , I shall wait and watch
As the forests of calm and peace get scorched
For the pace the world is moving in, is too unkind
Nothing but a mad race, to the finish line


September 30, 2008

Mutant Mutiny

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In the mid of the village stood this banyan tree

So tall so strong, that all could see

The mighty trunk in it’s mid, the branches wide

multitudes of roots, hanging on each side



In it’s height many a few sought refuge

In it’s shade,  many a few rested, 

In it’s few fruits a pintful ate and fed

The rest just clung on ,all without a clue


The roots spread out far and long, like tentacles

A few managed to break free, some held on

Some hoped for a storm , or some miracles

Some stood still, suicidal and forlorn


And then a tornado took the town by surprise

The residents ran for life, fear in each eye

In utter desparation some fought

For some it was freedom well sought


Out of the blue, we heard a slight uproar

Cries of victory , across the sky soar

The prisoners of the vile tree 

Set themselves free


From the safety and nothingness they must exit

Else if they persist, they will perish

Onto a new path so free , they go

A new start , one sure to flourish

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