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February 26, 2009

Back to blogger

Filed under: Goodbye. — Teal @ 12:31 am

Tealspace is changing base again … I am heading back to blogger.  No explanations  offered 🙂

I will now blog at http://spero-ergo-sum.blogspot.com

And before i leave, i will just like to add a thank you to this blog, which has taken me through some tough times in life , brought out the poet in me. And unfortunately ,all my poetry is still here … and I cannot export posts from here to my other blog … so might be linking to this page occasionally on account of a retrograde.

I leave this blog a year older and a whole lot wiser.

On a totally unrelated note (or perhaps in a way it might be a linked fact, but who cares 😀 )

I thank god  for putting me through shit, for that is the only factor that helps me to discriminate true friends from fake shallow ones and opportunist hypocrite creeps.

Thanks for coming by ,



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