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November 16, 2008

Meow meow poonai kutti . . .

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Happy Bday Rain! Love ya loads >>>>>:D<<<<<<<


November 7, 2008

Tealspace turned 3 :D

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It was at 9:30pm tonight , I felt such glee
My beloved blog today, turned three
But ’twas not until frost reminded me
And for that, I feel a little silly

For 3 years , through thick and thin
This page has brought out joy and sadness, within
The rains outside, and the blessed rain
got me started on this fascinating terrain

My boredom had found it’s respite
My fingers found a permanent domicile
My mind and soul opened up to junta here
and the formula was once, quite right

3 years have passed, the journey continues
the blogger turns to the blog to beat the blues
Am as proud and happy, as a mother would be
For today , my baby turns three 😀

Bittersweet liberation

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Amidst the new dawns across many nations
Here I sit, unperturbed and callous
And I tell to myself, things will get better
For today I did the unheralded

Severing ties may hurt for a blink, a band aid
To shield you from the freeness of the wind
The first cut of the breeze, it singed the wound
But afterward , I saw the freedom , in it’s full moon

It’s a bittersweet liberation, that I feel tonight
It’s just about the only thing, that i did right
and now it’s ghosts will haunt me no more
and i feel no more pain, like i did before

Today I stand clear, steered of all handcuffs
Am brushing past the good times, and the rough
There is a whimsical smile across my face
As the new trials come on up, to embrace

It’s a bittersweet liberation, that I feel tonight

It’s just about the only thing, that i did right

and now it’s ghosts will haunt me no more

and i feel no more pain, like i did before

October 31, 2008

When 2 hearts held hands :-)

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Today is not just any other day, it’s special
The day that marked the beginning of a bond eternal
A friend held hands with the man of her dreams
And forever, a lifetime of happiness begins

For my dear friend B and B , who tied the nuptial knot today morning and began
a new journey together. 😀

October 27, 2008

Happy Diwali

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May the joys and light brighten your lives this festive season.

October 26, 2008

Mid winter monsoon

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I wake on a day, in the mid of monsoon

Cloudy weather through out, even at noon

I ride on my bike on the way to work

The wonderful weather, drives me berserk


Schools and Colleges are closed today

Whilst we all slave away

Looking at the window, across the floor

I feel a sense of comfort , forever more


Grab a cuppa, step out to see

Sit by the wet grass , feel the breeze

The smell of damp earth, the joy I feel

Now this, is homecoming to me

Inner Peace

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Inner peace, you forever evade me

Your absence , it never lets me be

Narrow minded, I have become

Frustrated and totally numb


I try to cover the emptiness inside

I try to force that fake smile

And then it strikes me, I subside

I’ve been living one big lie


This is the point of no return

Looks like I will crash and burn

A void purpose, a conscience maimed

This is all that remains . . .

October 23, 2008

God forsaken

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Withered and haggard, she walked alone

Soles of her feet, torn on stone

Beneath the ruthless skies of her bane

She aimlessly treads on, unknown


At every juncture there was a story to tell

Long long ago, when things went well

With a many a high hopes, she shrugged it all

Moved on , blissfully unaware of the fall


In many a situation , she did not stand a chance

Shock held her captive, dumb as if in a trance

This time around things might change, she thought

Fear , anger and negativity, she bravely fought


Then came the steep end of the cliff, so near

She stared across the blinding light with no fear

A knight stood across with a hand held out

And out she reached , hesitance and glum without


But little did she know that it was a plot

Meant to make her fall, and crash like an earthen pot

She fell into the abyss, how deep she fell

Only the endless time could tell


Now she rises from the deep abyss

With complete distrust, naivete destroyed

She walk on , withered and haggard

Aspirations and hopes, she will avoid.


She wonders what happened in between?

Why were all her joys and dreams taken

The sky roared with thunder, then she realised

That she was god forsaken.

October 19, 2008

Ahem … :D

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I knew it ! 😀 😎

The enlightened efflorescence

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Pain is real, pain is good
but ever so often, misunderstood
In the garden of flowers, only are weeds
When all one looks for is a loyal steed

Severing the weed from the root
Save nothing else, but the truth
Why to cling on to poison?
Why go on with loathing, and treason?

We live in a world of hypocrisy
We live and prolong this shamed legacy
There is no room for truth and love
fortitude and frankness, is now heresy

The garden of flowers, is now barren
What is now hell, was once a haven
I’d rather live solo,  in a desert of storms
Then be surrounded by scorpions of various forms

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