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August 15, 2008

Of an independant , defiant India

Filed under: Cheer :-D,India,Patriotism!,Poetry — Teal @ 8:42 am

After centuries of ruthless enslavement
of butchering, division and torment
61 years of freedom , we have seen till now
To you my mother, I bow

The greedy pigs of power, the hogs
Feast on our blood and sweat, as we slog
They wish to ravage the spoils of war
Left behind by the mindless savages, them all

I pray, my mother, for that day to come
When the bane on our nation will come undone
When you will rise again, A phoenix with might
Vanquishing all evil of all kinds, in sight

I hope, with a resolve
That something good will happen soon, our way
and so with all my heart, I wish
Dear Indians, a happy Independance Day!


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