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June 8, 2007

The little things …..

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Monotony alert ….. Monotony alert ……
As a kid, I’d always wanted to grow up and do the things that “grown-ups” did …. and now I very quickly realised I am better off stayin in childhood … pity the ship has sailed!
I guess this is the case with most 20 somethings who end up serving those stuck-up @$$#oles in the S/W Industry. [yeah, i have started to swear royally … call it an occupationa hazard or “watever”].
Working in the O&M aspect of software is far from appealing. Take it from a person who has been doing that for about 9 months now …. Working shifts is again another very tempting facet of working these kinda projects. But the dying optimist in me [who refuses to give up even when all seems grey and gloomy] has tried to see the bright side of things.
If one must ever want to love Chennai City , you must travel the city’s busiest stretches between the duration of 4-6 am. On a 2 wheeler.
This is the only time during the day that the weather is AWESOME. Nothing like driving 50 on Sardar Patel Road, rushing past Raj Bhavan in the blink of an eye , the cold wind brushing past your cheeks, the breeze made cool by the morning dew drops on the branches of trees.
Tune to any of the new radio stations and you will hear the golden voice of the goddess of Carnatic Music , M.S Subbalakshmi, calling upon Lord Venkateshwara from his sleep with an amazing [words falter when i try to describe it] rendition of the Suprabhaatham.
Once that is done, it always pays to have that seemingly over priced mp3 phone playin your list of fav retro rock numbers. One must try ‘Stairway to heaven’ on the early morning drives …. superb is the word.
The only thing i look forward is the ride back home.
Coming back to the mp3 phone funda, I got myself this beauty~

It is the Sony Ericsson k750i – mother of the w800i phone.
A must have for audiophiles =D


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  1. That’s a cool handset!

    Comment by nilesh747 — June 10, 2007 @ 6:37 am | Reply

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