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April 21, 2007

Of Monday mornings and the blues

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“Aaargh!!! ” is the first thought that pops into my head on monday mornings.
Duty calls. 5 whole days of work before I ever set my eyes on sound sleep or ever find time to practice my guitar. Einstein is one of the scientists whom I admire the most. I can relate to his findings the most as compared to the other geniuses.

The average software engineer’s definition of relativity would go something like this~
” Watching a movie or lazing around on saturday after waking up royally by 11 or 12. Catching up with buddies on sunday and realising that the weekend has vanished and flashed by like lightning!!! Phbbttt … although considering that scenario number 2 , i.e the very formidable weekdays seem to drag on endlesslyyyy …”.
The longest being a monday.

You know the day is monday when~

  1. The first thing you do after reaching office [which is very centrally located in timbaktu] is wash your face and reach for a cuppa.
  2. The clock in ur desktop strikes 12:00 .
  3. You think to yourself, “Yippee , lunch in 1 hours.”
  4. You slip out of your place to browse for a while.
  5. The clock in ur desktop still shows 12:00 am.
  6. You shrug your shoulders and go out for another cuppa coffee.
  7. Bump into your friend from the ABC dept [serendipity?, I think so :-P] and yakk for a while.
  8. The clock in ur desktop shows 12:05 am.
  9. “Has time bloody coagulated????”
  10. Your PL pings you. Pings you with a purpose, for a change.
  11. You finally get loads of work, and your eyeballs find their way to the clock.
  12. It dutifully strikes 1:00pm.
  13. You get a deadline of an hour to finish up the work, while the pointy haired boss happily heads to the cafe [#$%&]

Statistics prove that the frustration graph peaks on monday and then stabilises throughout the rest week. Could that be more surprising??? A survey taken by “V for Vetti” magazine proves that 8 out of 10 software engineers miss out on an early lunch and have to cut down on snack breaks every monday.

The secretary of the Benched S/W Engineers association addressed the press at a conference early today morning that the software community is in it’s entirety totally and absolutely appalled at the plight of it’s brethren and are all set to launch a protest march protesting against pointy haired bosses everywhere. The board members of the BSA are set to propose a 20-point plan on weekday-wise load and submit to pointy haired bosses in all leading S/W concerns.

Meanwhile Mr.Sidumoonji Silphonsa, the president of the P.H.B.A [pointy haired boss association] has refused to speak to the press junta gathered outside a leading a tech park and denied any involvement or action which has lead to the sudden spurring of action of the B.S.A

Amidst all this chaos that surrounds us, we lone bespectacled software engineers, sit in the topmost floor of our company, looking through very crisp and precise code of a million codes and try to fix issues when the DB and Main Server are running a contest on which one will falter with greater frequency.


The unsung warriors caught in corporate slavery!



  1. i dont think this applies only to software engineers 🙂 evryone hates Mondays!!

    Comment by kuttichuvaru — April 24, 2007 @ 3:52 am | Reply

  2. I got a pointy-haired haircut..
    I guess I am on my way to Satanhood! >:)

    btw nice post.. guess you’ve rediscovered your dose of humor and sarcasm! lky you! >:P

    Comment by The optimist from utopia — April 24, 2007 @ 3:53 am | Reply

  3. bespectacled??eppo kannaadi poda aarimbicha??
    agree wit the optimist 🙂

    Comment by Vivek — April 24, 2007 @ 3:54 am | Reply

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