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December 15, 2006

Corporate Comedy :D

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There some aspects of work that people love, some that people love to hate. Some that people will never stop cribbing about. As mentioned in my earlier posts [refer June Archive for further details] I had taken a “firm” vow not to crib or whine again in life, since pointless.
Thus proved.
Or is it???
Before I start ranting and raving and lose track of the topic let me continue on the same line of propagation 😛

There are somethings that go on work in a daily basis, some that happen so suddenly and causes such “mayhem” and “chaos” but finds it’s place in our hearts for situational comedy. Many of us would’ve experienced this. Yup, I am talking about Fire Drills.

Each team has it’s safety warden. Or maybe even two. Some companies offer a hideous red cap [headed straight from Bappi da’s Fashion “NO-NO” rejection collection] with the words “SAFETY WARDEN” written across it. Some dont.

But what to make of the “Forsaken”, i.e. those that dont have a safety warden????
I dont have one … my company doesnt care about me boohoo :((
So anyways,
The PA system emits strange gurgling noises, basically crass cacophony……

“Attention Floor n… attention floor n … thi…isshhhhhh .. shhhhh…”

Me~ Arrgh … I am busy checkin my e-mail, WTH is this …?? ?? $%^&@#

“We are having a shh… sh….”

Ok ok. So we got info prior to the “safety drill” to be conducted. Employees gang up in cubicle with their safety wardens all set and ready to escape …..

Me~ ????

PA:~ “Sorry for previous distubance the. This is you security officer Lardlabakudas speaking. AAal of oooo musht leave the beeeldingg imedeateeelyy “

I think the dude is tryin to say something ….

Hey wait … everyone is casually walking towards the fire exit [in the manner of a marathon/exhibition/any arbitrary crowd pulling event] may be I should go too …

PA:~ “nth floor EVACUATE!!! EVACUATE!!!”

Hmm .. sounds like the dude is having a cardiac arrest or, is threatened at gun point.

Oh a nice walk would do me good.

Tealananda’s tips for fire drills~

1) Dont walk to close to anyone.
2) This excercise enables us to clearly distinguish between haletosis and Tobacco. It is an essential knowledge for the bloodhound round conducted to award “Employee of the year”.
3) Dont walk in the center, lest you dont enjoy getting squashed into pulp.
4) Take your mobile phone along, to sms on the side, since walking the “n” number of floors might take a nice long time.
5) Make note to use deo at all times.
6) Get a grip and realise that (1) is impossible.

Tealananda’s words of wisdom~


  1. If you refuse to budge from your system, claiming that you will work till your last breath, be prepared to get blasted by your nearest security officer.
  2. If you think mock drills are actual drills [in order to get the real time feel of things] watch out, your clothes might just get stuck in that rusty drawer and get a nice rip in the center.
  3. FYI, Rips in formals is SOOO NOT in.
  4. Dont be stupid enough to enquire if your other colleagues are ok, and dont rush ahead, because then you wouldnt know whether it is a mock drill or an actual drill.

Author’s Note:

This post strictly doesnt undermine the importance of a fire drill, considering that one facility in my city had caught fire a while ago. So all you sensible people out there.. take a chill pill!!!


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  1. hehe..jus cant imagine how u ppl ran down..cudn’t stop laughing!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Hell's Angel — December 28, 2006 @ 7:00 am | Reply

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