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December 4, 2005

The Monday Morning Blues

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Aaargh …. It’s a Monday morning and she’s in bed. Wondering, should she get up or not? Mom shakes her and says, “Better get up, you’re late”… She mumbles “ma, give me 5 mins … 10 mins ….” Eventually [about 20 minutes later] gets up and see that she’s @#$% late for daily work!!!! And you what’s worse… Having all of this happen on Monday.

Cyan and Teal Productions proudly present – “The Monday Morning Blues”, *ing:

· TT, our heroine
· Mom
· Brenda, sidekick
· Big sis [guest appearance]

[The scene is set in a grungy bedroom where the prologue took place]

TT (in deep thought while brushing teeth): Aarrgh … today’s an exam, and I overslept!!! I wonder what… Wait… what are the objectives of financial management again … oh bloody hell!!!
I hate Mondays! I hate Mondays!

Mom(screaming to be heard over a rather loud powerhouse blaring out “Wake up” by Rage against the machine .. ironically enough): Your coffee’s going cold hurry up!

TT: yaya, I’m coming …

[The scene is set at the breakfast table where our heroine arrives gallantly and takes a seat… sips at coffee whilst mom throws her a disapproving look]

Mom: have you studied properly?

TT: Ma, you ask me that every single time…
[Looks out of the window… a splendorous downpour of rainfall enamors the heroine] Oh wow! It’s raining like crazy… wish I had time to appreciate this weather …
[Daydreaming heroine is rudely interrupted by the raucous ringing of a mobile phone…]
oh, where is it … oh there it is .. yo Brenda , tell me.

[Brenda is the school friend of our vibrant heroine, who incidentally is her college mate and ever-faithful sidekick]

Brenda: Yo! You know something… [Pauses]
TT: how am I supposed to know unless you tell me?
Brenda (in a mystifying tone): Do you believe in providence, TT?

[Mysterious music plays in the background…]

TT: Ya right! Now don’t waste my time and tell me ‘sup?
Brenda: You remember cribbing about the weather … and our papers … well guess what, the rain god has spoken!
TT: You mean…
Brenda (in true yoda fashion): our university website check out go and … [includes the giggle as well…]
TT[now our heroine is truly pissed]: Fine I will, Jedimaster Brenda.
Brenda: Be with the force, may you… btw call me afterwards ok? We got to plan out.. bbyeee .. [Hangs up]

[TT shrugs shoulder, mutters “mental” and logs on to http://www.AUisJailUniv.com, the usual crappy flash work and home page loads]

TT: what the …[clicks on link that goes “exam notification”…]
[the page loads with the following contents ….]

This is for notifying that all exams will be postponed by 30 days owing to the rains.
Timetable of the postponed exams are as follows:
20/11/200_: Subject A – Monday
27/11/200_: Subject B – Monday
Professors and Lecturers, chill , kick back and relax …
TT … Muwahahahaha Gotcha again!
The University has you … ahahahahaaa …
Knock knock TT…
By Order
Mad. Vileman
Chancellor, AUisJailUniv
PS: Follow the cartoon …

[Knocking is heard; heroine turns around as mom goes to open the door]
Mom: TT!! Brenda’s home … come on down.
[Heroine glances back at the screen, the cheesy messages have disappeared! All that’s left is …]

This is for notifying that all exams will be postponed by 30 days owing to the rains.
Timetable of the postponed exams are as follows:
20/11/200_: Subject A – Monday
27/11/200_: Subject B – Monday
By Order
Mad. Vileman
Chancellor, AUisJailUniv

TT: ya, that’s better …

Big Sis: hey have phun writing exams … hahaha

[lightning hits the surrounding areas, lighting flickers … violin quartet plays “midnight”]

TT: well my exams have been postponed to … wait a minute … it can’t be!!! [looks back at the screen with a look of absolute apprehension in her face.]

20/11/200_: Subject A – Monday
27/11/200_: Subject B – Monday

TT: Holy Crap, for crying out loud …
[Big sis emits evil laughter and walks out of the house]
Mom: TT, Brenda’s waiting …
TT: oh, right …
[Grits teeth and grimaces while approaching Living room where Brenda is seated, sporting a T-Shirt and Jeans.]
Brenda: hey u look a l’ll grumpier than usual … ‘sup?
TT: Could you blame me? You ever had that feeling .. when you don’t know if you’re awake or asleep …
Brenda : Ya man.. it’s called “daydreaming”.. hey looks like you need to unplug man! How about we go out for some coffee …?
[Focus shifts to the sidekicks belongings… which consists of a cartoon collection of a l’ll boy and a tiger…]

TT: [looks at cartoon… ponders] Yeah, sure …

IF you think that episodes elicited above can never happen, well think again, because Fact is sometimes stranger than fiction!!!



  1. hey myself a sidekick??haha… btw v going out 2 have coffee?? that has never happened.. lets change that figment of imagination 2 reality.. u sound very dull,bored & confused.. hmm will pep u up during this hols…

    Comment by Hell's Angel — December 4, 2005 @ 5:07 pm | Reply

  2. @ HA: thx a ton dear! Btw if u ever write such a masterpiece i dont mind being a sidekick :p lol…

    Comment by Trinity Teal™ — December 5, 2005 @ 9:16 am | Reply

  3. good job teal! reflects ur reaction perfectly when i told u that the exams were postponed!! 🙂 the point is it rains wonderfully when we are confused and perplexed abt the exam and when they cancel it, the Rain God sleeps.

    Comment by Mittu — December 6, 2005 @ 1:10 pm | Reply

  4. That was comical..

    I agree.. hehe..

    Comment by Leon — December 6, 2005 @ 9:41 pm | Reply

  5. @ Mittu: Tell me abt it! The advent of the New YEar will be cherished by us unlike any other 🙂
    @ Leon: Thx a ton, It kinda reflects on my opinion. 🙂

    Comment by Trinity Teal™ — December 7, 2005 @ 1:20 am | Reply

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