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November 9, 2005

A glimpse of futility post slogging …

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Murphy more or less has a huge impact on my life. His laws, i believe are more or less written based on my life and experiences …. Like take today for an example .

Ladies and gentlemen, today was my biiiiigg mini project demo which turned out to be a big freaking blow up, not bcoz my project didnt work, but because the external was kind enough to spare us the efforts of showing him one. Whilst trying to look on the bright side, [very unlike me, but a l’ll optimism wont hurt ya], i came to find that my team was not the only one blessed with the same treatment.
Hmm… strange thing these labs, you never know what to expect [marks-wise i.e]. But chronic geeks and nerds are always assured of a perfect score …. Yet another one of the biggest mysteries of the universe, awaiting to be explored.

But, i could not care less. What makes this experience all the more worthwhile is the simple fact that i was able to write gr8 code despite my illness and also , that with every passing moment.. i inch closer to winding up my college life!!! [curtains closing , et al] But instead of feeling all ‘Mustafaish’ about it … the only word that crosses my mind is …


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  1. y do u whine in ur very first article dear!! dont give a damn abt ur marks.. these labs r just a dumb test conducted by dumbers.. itz not going 2 pay us off anywhere in the future……

    Comment by Hell's Angel — November 9, 2005 @ 10:11 am | Reply

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